Losing My Virginity

While attempting to build a website last night I found out I could have a free blog. Is my life interesting enough for a blog? What do I write about? How long will this last? Who knows? But, being the person I am, I gotta give it a shot. Why not?

From reading tech blogs for years and having one friend, Becca, who has a pretty blog all the time, I feel intimidated. Gosh, there is so much impressive information on the web. Information highway. Yep. And mis-information at times, too. I don’t feel like I have any great need inside me to publish words like I once did, many years ago, when the poetry flowed and my head stayed solidly into seeing my world and rhyming the emotions. Now I’ve done it all. People have read my words. One even fell in love with me while reading my words. How cool was that? After ten years of marriage and reading his words, too, it’s still pretty damned cool!

My friend, Stevie, is writing her life story. She has sent me about a dozen exerpts that I am to put together in a cohesive unit, correct the spelling and grammar as necessary and send it back to her whole. What an undertaking! And I haven’t even started yet. Maybe that’s what I’ll do first. Maybe I’ll introduce you all to Stevie. Yeah. Uh huh. Guess I better get her permission first. I don’t think she’d litigate but I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings for anything in the world. So I’ll get back to you on that.

My friend, Lal, wrote her autobiography and had it published in beautiful volumes. How much time did that take, I wonder? I know I’m not that committed, no Ma’am!

My husband, Ronnie, is fishing today. Not a big deal to most coastal dwellers you would think. But, this fishing trip has taken him 10 years to put together. When we got together 10 years ago there were hobbies brought to the relationship as well as love, friends and beautiful poetry.

Personally, I love tech. (We’ve bought over 60 computers over those 10 years. We wanted our friends and family, who are scattered all over the U.S. and the U.K., to be able to communicate with us and partake of the world alongside us.) I love the gadgets that come out ever so often, too. The virtual keyboard that projected a keyboard on the desk but you could throw in your purse or briefcase and take along with your PDA or laptop. I had one. The Palm Pilot (thank you Lal), I had more than one. The IPAQ, IPOD, IPHONE….of course. USB keyboards, disk drives, floppy drives, fans, pen drives, CD players and/or burners, DVD players and/or burners, wireless routers, wireless laptops, wireless printers, wireless phones and a car I can plug my IPOD into. I’ve had it all, and more. I LOVE my gadgets. Currently, between the two of us, we have 5 computers. We each have a 17″ laptop, then a netbook on the end table in the living room (it’s been there ever since we unpacked the Woot box), a desktop beside my desk (that I have some unholy attachment to) and a 12″ tablet that I use occasionally and also travel with. I’m crazy about electronics; no way around it. If it runs on batteries, is wireless or rechargeable, I want it, have it or have had it. Crazy is the right word, too. Ronnie, however, knew hot to turn a computer on. That was about the size of it. He had so much to learn back then (and has).

On the other hand, Ronnie loves to go fishing (gag me with a spoon!). He said he used to go all the time because it relaxes him and his family loves to go fishing together. He had wanted a boat since he gave away the ones he had when he got divorced and moved to Dickinson. Like a good little brand-new wife, I said, “Oh, you must have a boat.” So he started shopping.

Do you know how much a boat costs? Do you know how many computers you could buy for what a boat costs? I about had a heart attack!!!!!! Of course, I had to do it as quietly as possible. It was a new marriage and I didn’t want him to know so soon what a harridan he’d married. I clutched my chest and gasped but it didn’t help. He was looking at the boat, not me. So we bought a boat. Thankfully it was a second-hand boat. Less than $4000, then add some life preservers, lights, coolers, bait stuff, fishing poles, a few hooks, etc. I figure less than $5000 and he would fish to his heart’s desire and leave me alone to play with my computers and dogs. (I’ll get to the dogs.) I thought it was an okay deal. So much for thinking.

He spent all this time shopping for supplies; I even tried to help by pointing out all the neat stuff at Academy. But, he couldn’t use that because… or that because…or that…or that….well, you get the picture. So I just shut up and let him shop by himself. I checked the bank account online and cried every time it updated. But he was happy. Now he could start to fish again. He loaded his camera, got his family together, bought gas and bait and whatever else…..and left for the nearest body of water. I had done my duty as a wife. I stood at the door, holding the dog, waving and smiling as he left. Life was good.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    May 02, 2010 @ 05:48:34

    I love it, so glad you're blogging, can't wait for the next chapter!! XOXO,Deb


  2. Texas Lady
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 09:48:07

    Well, it's taken me a while but I started again last night.


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