Today I Am A God!

We all have our days when we’re down in the dumps and things are just not going the way we planned. But who ever celebrates the days when it all goes better than expected and they’re on top of the world? Exactly. Today is my day.

Twenty years ago I stopped smoking (so “fashionable” in the 1950s); after 22 years I was sick enough to finally stop and stay stopped. It is also Cinco de Mayo (way to go, Mexicans!). Also, I have fixed the telephone line, the DSL router, a laptop and the water in the fish tank. I went for my 1 year checkup at the cardiologist and was taken off half my medicine. I go back May 4, 2011. There was a substantial deposit made in my checking account (no, I’m not running drugs!) and I bought myself a Georgia Mud Fudge Breeze at Dairy Queen. Does it get any better than this? Yes, actually. If Ronnie ever gets to come home from work (he was swamped last time I spoke with him) he’s going to take me out to dinner at Berryhill’s Baja Grill. Yes!!!!!!! I told him if he was really tired he could sleep in the car while I drank Margaritas and I would wake him up when I was ready for him to drive me home. I DO NOT believe in drinking and driving. From the silence over the telephone I don’t think he got the joke, but at least I know he heard me.
“Hearing me” is a big thing at our house. Lots of folks are audiologically-impaired by this age. Even if you didn’t like electronics before there’s a lot of people that are “wired” at an advanced age. One of those will be my wonderful husband some day. Workers Comp has approved his claim so now he is waiting for his company to pay for his hearing aids. I don’t scream at him to be heard like the cartoons; I save that for when I really want to be heard. Fortunately for both of us that only happens about once a year, otherwise I’d have to apologize more than I do now. My husband has had hearing problems since before we met. It might be interesting to see what conversation’s like when we both really hear. It may be that we don’t like each other at all. Maybe the smiles and the sign language have him fooled into thinking I really am the little red-haired girl he wanted all his life.

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