Looking Forward to Going Back to Work……NOT

I sometimes wonder which is worse: being exhausted from working so many hours or being exhausted from trying to play catch-up on my days off. Even though I enjoy my time off it gets so hectic trying to complete the multitude of “lists” I make for myself.

This is a list of my current lists:
to dos
home repairs
phone calls
Did I leave anything out? Oh, yes,…..get my hair cut, nails done, clean the fish tank, cut the dogs’ nails, hire another housekeeper (my grandson told me last night I have enough dog hair in my house to start another dog) and take a bath. (Actually the bath is understood otherwise I’d have to have a lot of lists just to keep up with hygiene.)

Additionally, the last two days I had off I suffered from nausea simply because I was so busy I forgot to eat. Maintenance medications and vitamins on an empty stomach do not get along. I gotta slow down! When I got ready to go to work today I felt dizzy, nauseated and was sweating profusely. I thought to myself that it might be a heart attack coming on until I remembered that I hadn’t eaten….again, and my blood sugar had to be in the toilet. What a difference a french fry made!

All this used to come so easily when I was younger, but I don’t spring back so well at 58. There was a time I thought I’d never retire. I loved working and planned to keep plugging away until I fell off a tower or out of the pipe rack. But now, retiring in 20 months sounds like forever. The good thing about having almost 2 years (oooh, that hurts to even think) before retiring is that I’m learning valuable lessons on necessities for retirement. I didn’t know until I paid off the house how much I’d need each year for taxes and insurance since the mortgage company has always paid those fees. Now I know I’ll need to save throughout the year for these expenses. Also, I’m learning to stay out of Walmart. I haven’t been there for 2 months. I never thought I’d see a time when I didn’t “need” something from Wally World. See? Already I’m saving money and it’s been painless. How freaking amazing!

Well, someone (I think it’s me) must go to work. Good night, Gracie.

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