I’ve dropped by my own blog many times and wanted to post but I’m always too busy, too tired, or too uninspired.  Today I was also too determined, so here I am.

Today is a slow day sitting around in my nightgown being kissed alternately by one of eight (8) dogs.  Five of them actually belong to us; the others are gravy….big, slurpy, puppy kinda gravy.  I’ll definitely have to shower and rinse out the pores before we go to dinner tonight.  I wonder how many different kinds of microbes could be found on my body today with so many contributors around me.

I’m also trying to do something constructive: like the laundry, for instance.  The washer and dryer are both running, I’m happy to say.  I didn’t say the vacuum cleaner was running though, please note. And it probably ain’t gonna happen today either!  I wouldn’t like to actually break a sweat; it is, after all, my day off.

I’d like to use the excuse that I spent too much time on Facebook (’cause I did), or that I didn’t get much sleep (which I didn’t), or that I’m so depressed I can’t function (big, fat lie, that one!).  But I’ve seen times that I am only half in my mind (like after I take a sleeping pill but before I fall down) that I still came here and blogged. 

So, what’s the big deal with not posting??????  I’ve been busy.  (Yeah, that sounds good!) Oh, nevermind!  I made it and that’s what’s important, right?  Don’t need substance, right?  It’s just a b-l-o-g, not the Encyclopedia Brittanica, for gawd’s sake.  Okay.  That feels right……..

Anybody want to adopt a rescued animal?  We’ve got all shapes and sizes and ages.  One thing they all have in common: They’ll love you more than they’ll love themselves.  What a deal?  Who could pass that one up?

Dustypoo Turns 2

Little Dusty (formerly Hobo) just turned 2 years old.  He’s my baby, my sweet, my heart, my arm-candy.  Everybody loves Dusty.  Everyone who comes in this house wants him, then finds out he’s not looking for a home (he owns this one, why would he want anything else?).  LOL
My brother-in-law put him inside his shirt and said goodbye.  I threatened to shoot him if he walked out the door with Dusty.  LOL  That’s how cute and sweet our Dusty is.  I found his picture on one of the rescue sites one day and filled out an application on the spot (before I even got home!).  And it’s a good thing I did because there were 5 applications received that afternoon and mine was the first!  Thank gods!!!!!!!!  Because he’s mine!  All mine!!!! Bwahhhhahahhhhhhhaaaaa! 
Oh, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  So our Dusty just turned 2 years old October 1st.  For a while there we didn’t know if he was going to see 2 years old because last year he got really sick with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE).  He was bleeding anally, vomiting and losing weight.  Since he was topping 3 whole pounds at the time we didn’t think he could afford to lose much.  After several doctor visits and much dispensed medication he pulled through and his tummy started healing again.  We changed the food he was eating, too, in case that had any effect on him.  He seems to be digesting food pretty much normally now although it’s sometimes very smelly where he sits.  He is silent but deadly and will empty an entire room when he gets that gassy thing going on.  As little as he is, he will actually stop conversation in the room immediately.  That’s our Dusty!
But we love him, no matter what!  Happy birthday, Dusty man!!!!!!!!

Responsibility Sux!

This is what my month-old dress glasses look like after the dogs found them on my night table—where I left them because I had them on when I fell exhausted into bed at 9:30 last night.  I was too tired to get back up and put them on my desk in the office where I always leave them… I am paying for that little faux pas.  And I will pay for them for the second time at the doctor’s office soon.  I hate it when I have no one to blame it on!  Responsibility sucks!!!!!!!!
My wonderful housekeeper just left and I let the dogs in from the backyard.  They always walk around on tiptoes post-cleaning just getting used to the new smells.  They don’t trust “clean”.  It doesn’t smell like what they’re used to.  Hint!  Hint!  I can’t really say much about the doggie smells because they don’t really have a scent.  Probably because our housekeeper comes in twice a month and keeps the nasties out of the house.  Also, it helps that half the backyard is cement (but don’t tell that to my husband—he wants to pour more.  I think he doesn’t like to cut grass.  I asked him where the dogs were supposed to potty if we don’t have grass.  He didn’t have a good answer for that, so he hasn’t poured any more concrete lately.)
Well, have to go back to doing laundry and spending money.  Oh, yeah….I already spent all the money.  Guess I’ll just have to content myself with laundry.  Ugh!  Calgon take me away!!!!!!!

Canine Condos

On a recent Saturday we went to Petsmart and spent all our money in one day.  Well, almost all.  Our baby, Maximus, 67 pounds at almost 7 months old had outgrown his crate.  Since we have no room in the kingsized bed (there are already 5 Chihuahuas that sleep in it) in our room that necessitated buying Max a new crate.  We did some research on products, crate sizes and prices and decided to go for broke…literally.  We bought the biggest one we could find and a $50 cushion that said “chew resistant” (they were wrong; it didn’t even last for the rest of the day before Bandit disemboweled it).
After blowing our finances we spent the rest of the afternoon putting them together, which became a community effort.  Three people at Petsmart helped Ronnie get all the pieces in the right place.  The first one we had was bumfuzzled and they only had one more, so they put it together in the store to make sure all the pieces were there.  That’s about the same time we realized that it wouldn’t fit in my car, even in pieces, so we had to go home and get the truck.
We took it home intact but soon realized that it wouldn’t go through any door in the house, so Ronnie diligently took the whole thing apart, brought all the pieces inside and put it back together again.  Man, was that sucker huge!!!!!!!  We had to move some furniture out just to get all the dog crates in!
It was obviously worth it because Maximus went right in and made himself at home.  We had to put Aidan and Bandit in their crates; they wanted to be with Max.  They sleep in their crates just fine; at least Aidan does.  Bandit thinks Max’s Cave is his, too.  So they double up and cuddle all night.  From the day I brought Max home from the shelter Bandit has loved him.  Now they don’t have to be separated at all.  Kind of sweet when you think about it.


Well, who is happier?  Me or the dogs?  I think it’s a toss-up.  Last year we bought a little pool because all we had was Chihuahuas; this year Ronnie found a big one and it was an immediate hit.  Even after I got out the big dogs would get back in, especially Maximus.  I was so glad to see that.  Too bad we can’t leave water in it for them all the time; it’s so hot and dry this summer.  But if one of the little ones drowned in it I’d never forgive myself.  And, too, the big dogs would probably chew it up and then no one would have a pool.    Sometimes there’s too many details to having fun……..
This has been a good set of nights; peaceful even if somewhat busy at times.  And Sunday night Baby Liam got his new heart.  I’d been so worried that he wasn’t going to survive long enough for a transplant but it all worked out and he’s doing well.  Somehow I think the relief I feel after months of worry has kind of pulled the props out from under me.  Now I’m exhausted and just want a break.  Thankfully I’m off until Friday so a break is in sight for me.  Maybe I’ll finally have time to sew!
Sewing is a whole other subject.  I’m in the market for a serger now and have volunteered to embroider some things for TNT.  Haven’t gotten a lot done, but I intend to.  I also have a keepsake quilt started for Coralee and some sewing to do just for us.  Hope I have time to accomplish some of it on my days off.
Well, time for Ronnie to get up for work so I’d better get back to my real life.  TaTa!

A 51 Pound Dog Still Has To Teethe

Sometimes it seems unreal that Maximus could still be a baby.  He weighs 51 pounds at 5 months of age.  When he barks the entire house vibrates.  He scares the crap out of the Chihuahuas; his head is bigger than any one of them, and he puts his feet on them and won’t let them up.  That just pisses them off!  He outweighs Bandit by 20 pounds and Bandit is over a year old.  He grabs Bandit by his collar and drags him all over the house.  But Bandit grabs Max by his lip so that has to have a payback, I suppose.  Neither of them cry in pain from their encounters, so I think it hurts me worse to watch than for them to play that rough.
But then there’s times like tonight when after the rough-housing is over, Maximus goes over to his blankie and sucks on it because he’s still trying to cut jaw teeth.  He looks so defenseless and young just laying there, looking up at us, and sucking that blanket for all he’s worth.  Touches my heart.  And it is HIS blanket.  No one would dare touch it upon threat of death or the thundrous voice vibrating off the walls when he barks and screams at the offender.  It scares the crap out of me, too!  He sounds like he’s going to tear someone’s head off.
I’ve had to learn not to be afraid of Maximus.  He started out as this tiny, defenseless baby whose eyes were not even open yet.  I fed him with an eye-dropper the first 48 hours until I could find a nipple he would take.  Then I bottle-fed him for another 5 weeks.  All of a sudden he became this behemoth that shook the walls at 3 months of age.  It took me a couple of weeks to come to terms with the fact that he was the same dog.  Now I can actually grab him by the collar and drag him into his crate if he acts up with the other dogs.  And, wonder of wonder, he sits in his crate very peacefully and when I let him out he’s so contrite and quiet.  He stays close to me for the first minute or so as if to say, “I’m sorry, Mom.  I didn’t mean to upset you”.  Then he goes about his way as if nothing happened.
And he loves to go with me/us.  He’s learning to be a good boy with other humans but still gets upset when other dogs come around us.  I think he’s defending me (mom) not getting aggressive but I don’t know that for sure.  We start him in obedience school next Tuesday and I think it is time for him and I to learn how to deal with each other and the rest of the world in relation to us.  I know there’s got to be a million things I’m doing wrong but I won’t learn them without some training, so this is it.  I may have to do classes for Bandit, as well, but we’re going to start with Max.  Bandit is so easy to teach and such a good dog that I think we can probably teach him with what we learn with Max.   Hope so anyway.  I hope it’s not that hard for me to learn…I’ve heard that you can teach an old dog new tricks…….

Maximus’ First Visit to the Dog Park

Who’s the smallest in the Land?  Why Maximus thinks he knows….it’s him!!!!!!
“Momma, why’s there so many d-d-d-d-dogs here?”

I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so, hell, I just posted them both. 
This was red-letter day for Maximus, and, by default, us.  Max is 4 months, 9 days old, 46 pounds, and finished his puppy shots today.  Therefore, he can go places younger puppies can’t go….like dog parks for one.  So, since I start Nights tomorrow night, it had to be today.  When Ronnie got off work this evening we bundled up Bandit, medicated him for car-sickness, stuck him and Maximus in the Honda, and off we went to the Bay Area Dog Park. 
Bandit had been there before, as has Aidan and Gypsy, so Bandit was happy and running around greeting the rest of the dogs, happy as a clam.  Max was another story.  As soon as we got inside the gate, Max started growling deep in this throat at the first dog that approached him.  UhOh!  This wasn’t gonna work.  Aggressive dogs have to leave immediately.  But we calmed him down and walked further into the park.  Good thing we did because we met some folks that are big dog people who gave us some dog tips for handling his aggressiveness and some training tips, even who/where to take them for good training (which we’ve been talking about).  Max calmed down and we discovered that he was hanging exclusively around me and thought he was protecting me, not himself.  That shed a new light on the subject.  We just let him chill out, do a little growling but no damage to a few poochies under the watchful eyes of their owners, who encouraged it.  Eventually Maximus saw Ronnie and trotted off to play as if he’d been there ever day of his entire life.  I think the next visit will be much better.
The biggest problem we had was that Bandit’s anti-nausea medicine didn’t work.  He chucked in the car again before we got there.  Gotta contact his vet and go to step 3.  Poor Bandit loves to go but gets carsick so it’s not much fun for him to travel.  There are other meds; it’s probably time to move up to something else.  Whatever it takes, we will get it worked out.  We loves our canine babies.

Maximus Bigamous Dogamous

Haven’t weighed him yet this week but last week he was 36.2 pounds (at 4 months).  He gained 12 pounds last month but seems to be coasting lately.  Maybe this is as big as he’s going to get?  His voice is deep and sonorous, like you’d hear from a BIG dog, so maybe not.
He has gotten a lot more lovable lately.  I was beginning to think he was never going to let me love him again.  He got so attached to Bandit and Ronnie for a while, but he’s mine again now–in addition to being Bandit’s & Ronnie’s.  Maybe because he got so big so fast & was hurting me physically I pushed him away??  Don’t know.  But now I’m not afraid of his size anymore and he’s not being standoffish with me.
It’s hard sometimes to realize that he’s still a baby.  I have to consider his age and what that age would look like if he were a Chihuahua.  That gives me an idea of his real age.  He is just a baby.  There’s lots of life yet out there for this big baby.  He has one more set of shots then we’ll set up his neuter surgery.  They will also repair his umbilical hernia and micro-chip him.  Then he’ll be able to go to the dog park with Bandit.  I can’t wait!!!!  They’ll have so much fun together.  They do now with a small yard.  I can only imagine how they will run with all that space available, and other dogs to play with as well.  Must take my camera for that!

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrred! But Happy

This shift of Days about killed me.  I haven’t slept enough any of the three nights so I’ve been sleep-walking all day each day.  Then I’ve been having problems with my eyes dry and hurting, headaches and sinus pressure.  And I started my diet over again Friday so that hasn’t helped give me any energy to cope with no sleep.  My body is out of the habit of shift work, I think, since I was off work so long with my total hip replacement.  At my age, it doesn’t adjust as quickly as when I was younger. 
I have a life now that I didn’t have when my body was young enough to actually enjoy all the things I’m trying to do now.  And I still have 18 months before I retire so I have no choice but to keep going.  If I could retire today I think I’d feel just fine living the life I have, volunteering where/when/how I do.  I have more than enough to keep me happy and occupied.  But at least I have something to look forward to; I never have had before.  There was never a rosy future to dream about; just more work after more work until I couldn’t work any longer.  Now I have a life and a dream to look forward to…….way to go, Ronnie Lindsey!

Daddy’s Babies

In this picture it may appear that Bandit belongs to Ronnie.  It appears that way every other time, too.  Bandit knows he is Ronnie’s baby; unfortunately since Maximus follows Bandit like a leach, Max thinks he belongs to Ronnie, too.  Breaks my heart that the puppy that I spent so much time, worry and tears over doesn’t know I exist anymore.  Wah!  Well, he’ll come back around eventually.  In fact, since Ronnie hasn’t been around as much as I have lately I’m already reaping the benefits of having Maximus to myself.  It’s wonderful!  I just love to touch him, stroke his soft fur and have him lay his head in my lap and look up at me the same way he did when he was a tiny puppy.  I miss that bond we had back then.  Tomorrow he’ll be 15 weeks old; last Sunday he weighed 34.5 pounds; got to be nearing 40 this week.  He is solid as a rock and his feet are still huge.  His legs are like tree trunks, thick and strong, and getting longer every day.  I can still pick him up but not easily.  15 weeks means right at 4 months.  Bandit will be 12 months soon (July).  The article I read about Australian cattle dogs said that they do not mature for 2 years, so I’m thinking we’ll still have puppies for another year or 2 if it’s also an extra year for Max, too.
Bandit has made a great dog from a precious puppy.  He minds well; is not too destructive (for a puppy), plays with all the dogs well, and loves me almost as much as he loves Ronnie….and that’s saying something because he loves his daddy a lot!  He’s a good baby and loves to be a lap dog and to be close for close’s sake, and to give smooches.  He’s a sweetie pie of a dog.  If we had to keep some big dogs we kept 2 who will probably be good ones when they get older.  They’re pretty sweet now.  I’ve started working with them to learn their simple commands again, such as sit, stay and No, but we have a ways to go to learn manners.  Too many dogs, too many personalities, too may egos,  but we do what we can.  What we can right now is go to bed.  It’s almost 12:30 AM. and we’re all tired.  So I’ll say good night to all………..