Number 7 in our household and we’re on hold until after my surgery.  I took four of them to the vet today.  I don’t know which of us was happier to get home and relax!  All got shots, one scheduled to be spayed next week and one needs a puppy tooth pulled, also next week.  Then I won’t have to go back until next month when Bandit gets the last of his shots and gets neutered.  Hopefully by then I’ll be driving and it won’t be an issue.  Poor baby gets car sick.  Usually he just drools but today he was in the car so long (I took a wrong turn) that just as we pulled into the driveway he chucked his entire lunch.  Everyone (except me, who could use a break right now) is sleeping.  All I can hear is their light snoring and the fan on my laptop.  This sure doesn’t happen often; guess I wore them out.  Sure wore me out!

Mimi—-the newest little girl in the family.  Seven years old, HW negative, bad dermatitus from fleas.  Sweet little girl once she got used to us.  The first thing she did after we got home was try to bite Ronnie and my hand got in the way.  She ended up biting both of us but only bringing blood on me…..figures!  We have found that she sometimes bites out of fear.  She has plenty to be afraid of.  Her owner passed away and the family took her to the shelter, where she was going to be euthanized.  I’d have been frightened, too, dammit!  Now that she’s settled in she’s calmed down considerably.  She did good at the vet today.  She’s even getting where she’ll let Ronnie touch her.  He said she had probably been abused by a male because she is fine around women.  She’s beginning to find out that her daddy loves her, too, though.  That works for me!


Is this a face only a mother could love?  Well, I guess that’s me then.  Poor baby.  No teeth, 13 years old, tiny and scared to death.  Meet Jamie.  I put a hold on her tonight; will find out tomorrow if we get her  Not that we NEED another one but I can’t let them euthanize her when she still has her senior years left to enjoy.  I don’t have any idea what her life has been like before but she’s still alive at 13 and she’s heartworm negative, so I’d think someone has loved her for a long time.  Now we’ll love her the rest of her years.

I had my nuclear stress test today.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I sure am glad it’s over.  It could have been worse but the employees at the clinic made the day not only bearable but pleasant.  I was stressed in more ways than one but it’s done.  They’re going to call me Tuesday with the results.  Only one more item in my preop checklist so it’s almost over.  Thanks Gods!!  I only have 6 more days to work and a meeting to attend one day.  That doesn’t sound so bad.

Update 1/20/11: The shelter called me today about Jamie.  Seems there was a lady there who really, really wanted her so they asked me how interested I was in getting her.  I told them I was just going to help her (as usual) but if the lady was going to adopt Jamie then by all means to let her go.  I know I’d want someone to step aside if I just fell in love with a pooch and it’s easy to fall for this one!  Sometimes you just have to step aside and let Life happen.  I wish Jamie well, and the other lady who loves her, too.

Diva and Doggies

It has been a long day; my one day off and I had so many things to do.  The first was to take Fancypants to grooming.  The results are obvious in the pictures…she’s the diva of the pack!  I took her to Sonic afterward and fed her a child’s cheeseburger and some tater tots.  She got to look out the window while we waited for lunch to cook and really enjoyed her Mom And Me day.  I think I enjoyed it as much as she did!  Love that baby so much and have for 10 years now.  She had her dental cleaning on Thursday and they pulled some teeth, too, so she’s been babied ever since; eats it up but then don’t we all?
Aidan remains in his adoptive home but is still fearful of his new environment.  The new parents are doing a great job with him though; I’ve got to give them lots of credit.  Most people don’t even want to try handling a dog that’s been abused.  This family is so wonderful; I hope for all our sakes that they can make it work.  Aidan deserves that; he’s come so far.
Dusty is getting better, too.  The histiocytoma on his foot is going away now and it doesn’t seem to bother him anymore.  Trying to get him to start to come to me instead of picking him up as soon as he whines.  Postop I won’t be able to bend over to get him anymore so he has to start learning it now.  He’s such a cutie pie that everybody spoils him rotten, myself most of all.  Took him to get his nails clipped today at Petsmart and he got attention throughout the store.  Everybody had to hold him and coo over him.  Can’t help it; he’s just too darned adorable. 
Jackson’s incision is healing well and he is coming into his own now.  He actually played with me tonight for the first time.  He’s been playing with the other canines.  He seems to be happier with each passing day and looks better, too.  We’ll take his stitches out Friday and he should be fine.  Still waiting on the pathology report and still treating for heartworms.  Other than that he’s a perfect young man.
Also, still trying to find a home for Bandit and Jackson by February 3rd but we may not make it.  Talked tonight about buying a bigger doggie door in case Bandit stays long term.  So many dogs; not enough time, space or bucks. 
Tomorrow is my nuclear stress test in preparation for surgery.  Almost at the end of the pre-op prep.  I’ll know more about my own health when all the testing is complete than I have in a long time.  I’m looking forward to regaining the ability to walk again.  I’ve limped for 2 years and will literally have to learn to walk again.  I’m looking forward to simple things like being able to walk the dogs.  Funny the things you miss when they’re no longer there…….

Whine. Whine. Whine.

Bonnie and Aidan both left home today, hopefully for greener pastures.  Their new owners seemed happy but it sure is quiet in here!  I did cry when Aiden left; I knew I would but I think his new daddy will be good for him.  His son has cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair and loves dogs.  His dog has passed away and he’s been wanting another.  I’m glad we could accomodate him.  Hope it works out.  We sent Aidan out in a crate so he would have a safe place to go to when he gets scared.  Hope it helps.  I miss him.  Bonnie went gladly with her new daddy; she seemed like she’d been waiting for him.  Tail wagging and hopefull eyes was all I saw when he walked in the door.  That was a good sign.

Ronnie has already crashed even though it’s only 7 P.M. and I’m thinking that I might follow suit soon.  I am tired and it’s been a long day.  I spent most of the day getting my pre-op appointments taken care of.  Still have 2 more days of it then all the prep work will be completed.  It’s such a pain to sit in doctors’ offices all day waiting to get called in.  I hate that they think their time is more valuable than ours.  Won’t do much good to bitch; they’d just say to find another doctor and I really, really want this particular surgeon on my case so I just sucked it up and endured the crap of dealing with his office staff.  The things we do to get what we want!  Whine.  Whine.  Whine.


We got an unexpected gift Sunday evening. Bonnie’s new mama has to have surgery so can’t keep her since she’s a single mother and will have no help. She loved Bonnie and really hated to give her back, and I can understand that….Bonnie is a real sweetheart. In the picture above she was telling Ronnie how her heart was broken, but Ronnie told her not to cry because Daddy still loved her. By the time I got home from work Monday morning at 6 A.M. all her tears were dry and she was so happy to see me that she tinkled on the floor. Now that’s happiness there, bubba! When’s the last time your spouse was so happy to see you that they tinkled on the floor? …That’s what I thought.

Last night was the last night shift I’ll have to work for a week, and I’m not saying it was my worst ever shift at work, but it was up there in the top 5 or 10% of my almost 28 year career at this place. We had problems stemming from places in the company that I wouldn’t even have been able to point to on a map which boiled down to trouble for us. Then, while we were shutting some equipment down it caused something else to go haywire, and then the shit was on the rest of the night. The general consensus was to go straight home and hit the hooch. Liquor might not make last night any better but a good stiff drink could make you feel better all over , and help you to come to terms with the situation that caused the stress to begin with. Carried too far, it could actually make it worse or even get yourself fired.

When I was younger and stupider, I’d just take it out on others. I think I’ve taken it out on others enough. So it’s time for us all to take the blame for our parts and let others do what they were responsible for. That way no one gets blamed for it all. I HAVE SPOKEN! So, there!

Update at 6 P.M.: There is a new gentleman coming for Bonnie tomorrow evening.  He sounded so happy that he’d found her.  He has a 15 year old daughter who’s wanted a dog for a while but he kept putting her off.  He said tomorrow is her birthday and when she wakes up she won’t have a present but she’ll have one tomorrow night!  Wow, how cool is that?  And they have a pet door and a huge fenced yard and he’ll finish all her medical.  Sent from Heaven?  I hope so!!!!!!!

Warm Toes

Well, I get to keep Aidan for a little longer. The prospective new owner decided that it wouldn’t benefit Aidan to add him to her brood and I agreed with her. But before I went to work a happy recent adopter called and asked about Aidan and Jackson for a friend of hers. It sounds like just the place the boys would be happy. The lady is older, has older grandchildren, a relaxing house in the country with part of it fenced so they could run when they felt the need. If this pans out I think I’d be more comfortable letting them go. They say good things come to those who wait. Maybe that’s true this time.

I read a tech article last night that says that Facebook’s days are numbered. I understand that nothing lasts forever but I have really enjoyed getting a glimpse into my friends’ and family’s lives, and now am interacting with the rescue community so I can help in more ways than I could if I didn’t have the information. How else can you put 50 people in one place with information to share out to all their friends, which goes to their friends, etc.? We can telegraph needs of animals in other states from the keyboard of a laptop. I love being able to help, especially for the ones who need so much and have no way of raising enough money for their care. It not only helps the animals but also the people who have taken their time, sweat and tears to rescue a defenseless animal who otherwise would surely perish.

I think this will be particularly good for me now that I’m going to be recuperating from surgery for 3 months and won’t be able to foster any of my own. At least I’ll be able to “keep my hand in” and not totally lose track of where I’m needed, who needs what, and where I can still save a life, provide a shoulder or lend a helping hand even when I can’t be there physically.

We are in the midst of an Arctic cold front blowing in so I’m going to cut this short today in case I lose power and lose my entry. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping their toesies warm………c

Jackson Pie

Home and Jackson is back from his surgery. He’s very alert and happy to see me. As is usual for Jackson, he’s trying to lick my skin off. From the first time I picked him up from sitting on the floor at the shelter, he’s given me kisses, kisses and more kisses. In fact, that’s how he got his name.
I picked up Jackson and Woofie (who were just numbers to the shelter) and headed home down 59 South. I’d gone to BARC on the way home from a doctor’s appointment in Alvin and had forgotten to take any crates with me when I left home. So, there I was with 2 male Chihuahuas in my little Honda in the middle of 59 and nothing would do but Jackson sat in my lap, licking my chest, my neck, my arms, my face, whatever inch of skin he could manage. And I’m trying to see where I’m going and not kill us all (that convinced me never to travel without crates again). I’m watching signs to make sure I’m in the proper lane to hit I45 South and see over Jackson’s nose and tongue at the same time. And, wouldn’t you know it, I missed my lane and ended up in downtown Houston at rush hour.
I needed to get my bearing and started watching street names. I saw Travis and I saw Jackson. You know, I thought to myself, that would be good names for these two boys, I’ll keep that in mind. Finding a place to pull over, I whipped out my handy iPhone, consulted the map program and before I knew it was zipping along on I45 headed for home.
Over the next couple of days I tried to fit names to the new kids, but try as I might I could not make Travis fit either of them. The 2 year old looked away from me in the car coming home, I remembered, and from the back of his head he looked like a wolf. So, Woofie got his name. And Jackson, being the elder at 7 years old, became, you guessed it…….Jackson.

Woofie had to be neutered, and was, and was adopted by a very loving family who appreciates him immensely. Jackson is heartworm positive and had a small mammary tumor which he had removed yesterday and has been sent to the pathologist for examination. He started heartworm treatment the day Woofie was neutered and is well on his way to good health. He still loves to give kisses even though he has stitches in his tummy. He’s still our sweet boy until he gets his furever home.

There’s a Vacuum In My House!

Two weeks ago I had 10 dogs. When I got up today I had 5. I felt like I’d lost my children, a piece of my heart. When I get home in the morning I’ll have 6 dogs; when I get up I may only have 5 again. Why?

One female German shepherd puppy found a home around Christmas, leaving us 5 foster dogs and our own 4 Chihuahuas. We found homes for 3 more of them, leaving us 6, then this morning one of our fosters had a tumor removed so was in surgery all day. So when I got up (the second time today—I started nights tonight) Ronnie had dropped Jackson at Dr. Pickle’s office so I only had 5 very quiet Chihuahuas to wake up to (with). Last week we had 9 dogs, one female German Shepherd puppy, one Australian cattle dog puppy, and 7 Chihuahuas of varying sizes and weights, 4 of which belong to us full-time. Confused yet? Sometimes it’s like a revolving door for dogs at our house.

So we found homes for the German shepherds, the cattle dog, one Chi, and someone is coming over tomorrow to look at one of the male Chis from the shelter. So, when I get up, another of my babies may have gone to his furever home…and he’ll take another piece of my heart.

Aidan has been with us since July. He was previously abused and scared of his own shadow. He was flea-bitten with hair missing in places that we didn’t know would ever grow back—it has. The vet tested him not once but twice for mange but he was negative both times. He looked bad! He had a eye infection that has cleared. You could not only see his ribs, but count them and each vertabrae and every joint in his body. He was nearly starved to death; now he weighs a solid 10 pounds. He could lose a couple of those but he’s happy and healthy and beautiful. He holds his head up proudly. He is a light tan (I call him honey-colored) with white markings on his chest, feet and the tip of his tail. Where he used to hide behind the loveseat now he snuggles to me as if his life depended on it; at one time, maybe it did. He loves to walk on a leash and once when he slipped out of his harness he simply walked beside Ronnie all the way home as if he were still attached; he was–emotionally. He was heartworm positive, has had treatment and is now heartworm free. He’s also been neutered so all his medical is complete. He still could use more confidence, otherwise he is beautiful inside and out.

And I’m giving him up so he can have his very own people to belong to. It’s breaking my heart but I want him to know the happiness of being THE dog, not one of the rescues. I want to give him that chance because he deserves it, and because I love him that much.

I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow………