Jackson Pie

Home and Jackson is back from his surgery. He’s very alert and happy to see me. As is usual for Jackson, he’s trying to lick my skin off. From the first time I picked him up from sitting on the floor at the shelter, he’s given me kisses, kisses and more kisses. In fact, that’s how he got his name.
I picked up Jackson and Woofie (who were just numbers to the shelter) and headed home down 59 South. I’d gone to BARC on the way home from a doctor’s appointment in Alvin and had forgotten to take any crates with me when I left home. So, there I was with 2 male Chihuahuas in my little Honda in the middle of 59 and nothing would do but Jackson sat in my lap, licking my chest, my neck, my arms, my face, whatever inch of skin he could manage. And I’m trying to see where I’m going and not kill us all (that convinced me never to travel without crates again). I’m watching signs to make sure I’m in the proper lane to hit I45 South and see over Jackson’s nose and tongue at the same time. And, wouldn’t you know it, I missed my lane and ended up in downtown Houston at rush hour.
I needed to get my bearing and started watching street names. I saw Travis and I saw Jackson. You know, I thought to myself, that would be good names for these two boys, I’ll keep that in mind. Finding a place to pull over, I whipped out my handy iPhone, consulted the map program and before I knew it was zipping along on I45 headed for home.
Over the next couple of days I tried to fit names to the new kids, but try as I might I could not make Travis fit either of them. The 2 year old looked away from me in the car coming home, I remembered, and from the back of his head he looked like a wolf. So, Woofie got his name. And Jackson, being the elder at 7 years old, became, you guessed it…….Jackson.

Woofie had to be neutered, and was, and was adopted by a very loving family who appreciates him immensely. Jackson is heartworm positive and had a small mammary tumor which he had removed yesterday and has been sent to the pathologist for examination. He started heartworm treatment the day Woofie was neutered and is well on his way to good health. He still loves to give kisses even though he has stitches in his tummy. He’s still our sweet boy until he gets his furever home.

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