There’s a Vacuum In My House!

Two weeks ago I had 10 dogs. When I got up today I had 5. I felt like I’d lost my children, a piece of my heart. When I get home in the morning I’ll have 6 dogs; when I get up I may only have 5 again. Why?

One female German shepherd puppy found a home around Christmas, leaving us 5 foster dogs and our own 4 Chihuahuas. We found homes for 3 more of them, leaving us 6, then this morning one of our fosters had a tumor removed so was in surgery all day. So when I got up (the second time today—I started nights tonight) Ronnie had dropped Jackson at Dr. Pickle’s office so I only had 5 very quiet Chihuahuas to wake up to (with). Last week we had 9 dogs, one female German Shepherd puppy, one Australian cattle dog puppy, and 7 Chihuahuas of varying sizes and weights, 4 of which belong to us full-time. Confused yet? Sometimes it’s like a revolving door for dogs at our house.

So we found homes for the German shepherds, the cattle dog, one Chi, and someone is coming over tomorrow to look at one of the male Chis from the shelter. So, when I get up, another of my babies may have gone to his furever home…and he’ll take another piece of my heart.

Aidan has been with us since July. He was previously abused and scared of his own shadow. He was flea-bitten with hair missing in places that we didn’t know would ever grow back—it has. The vet tested him not once but twice for mange but he was negative both times. He looked bad! He had a eye infection that has cleared. You could not only see his ribs, but count them and each vertabrae and every joint in his body. He was nearly starved to death; now he weighs a solid 10 pounds. He could lose a couple of those but he’s happy and healthy and beautiful. He holds his head up proudly. He is a light tan (I call him honey-colored) with white markings on his chest, feet and the tip of his tail. Where he used to hide behind the loveseat now he snuggles to me as if his life depended on it; at one time, maybe it did. He loves to walk on a leash and once when he slipped out of his harness he simply walked beside Ronnie all the way home as if he were still attached; he was–emotionally. He was heartworm positive, has had treatment and is now heartworm free. He’s also been neutered so all his medical is complete. He still could use more confidence, otherwise he is beautiful inside and out.

And I’m giving him up so he can have his very own people to belong to. It’s breaking my heart but I want him to know the happiness of being THE dog, not one of the rescues. I want to give him that chance because he deserves it, and because I love him that much.

I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow………

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