Warm Toes

Well, I get to keep Aidan for a little longer. The prospective new owner decided that it wouldn’t benefit Aidan to add him to her brood and I agreed with her. But before I went to work a happy recent adopter called and asked about Aidan and Jackson for a friend of hers. It sounds like just the place the boys would be happy. The lady is older, has older grandchildren, a relaxing house in the country with part of it fenced so they could run when they felt the need. If this pans out I think I’d be more comfortable letting them go. They say good things come to those who wait. Maybe that’s true this time.

I read a tech article last night that says that Facebook’s days are numbered. I understand that nothing lasts forever but I have really enjoyed getting a glimpse into my friends’ and family’s lives, and now am interacting with the rescue community so I can help in more ways than I could if I didn’t have the information. How else can you put 50 people in one place with information to share out to all their friends, which goes to their friends, etc.? We can telegraph needs of animals in other states from the keyboard of a laptop. I love being able to help, especially for the ones who need so much and have no way of raising enough money for their care. It not only helps the animals but also the people who have taken their time, sweat and tears to rescue a defenseless animal who otherwise would surely perish.

I think this will be particularly good for me now that I’m going to be recuperating from surgery for 3 months and won’t be able to foster any of my own. At least I’ll be able to “keep my hand in” and not totally lose track of where I’m needed, who needs what, and where I can still save a life, provide a shoulder or lend a helping hand even when I can’t be there physically.

We are in the midst of an Arctic cold front blowing in so I’m going to cut this short today in case I lose power and lose my entry. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping their toesies warm………c

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