Whine. Whine. Whine.

Bonnie and Aidan both left home today, hopefully for greener pastures.  Their new owners seemed happy but it sure is quiet in here!  I did cry when Aiden left; I knew I would but I think his new daddy will be good for him.  His son has cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair and loves dogs.  His dog has passed away and he’s been wanting another.  I’m glad we could accomodate him.  Hope it works out.  We sent Aidan out in a crate so he would have a safe place to go to when he gets scared.  Hope it helps.  I miss him.  Bonnie went gladly with her new daddy; she seemed like she’d been waiting for him.  Tail wagging and hopefull eyes was all I saw when he walked in the door.  That was a good sign.

Ronnie has already crashed even though it’s only 7 P.M. and I’m thinking that I might follow suit soon.  I am tired and it’s been a long day.  I spent most of the day getting my pre-op appointments taken care of.  Still have 2 more days of it then all the prep work will be completed.  It’s such a pain to sit in doctors’ offices all day waiting to get called in.  I hate that they think their time is more valuable than ours.  Won’t do much good to bitch; they’d just say to find another doctor and I really, really want this particular surgeon on my case so I just sucked it up and endured the crap of dealing with his office staff.  The things we do to get what we want!  Whine.  Whine.  Whine.

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