Is this a face only a mother could love?  Well, I guess that’s me then.  Poor baby.  No teeth, 13 years old, tiny and scared to death.  Meet Jamie.  I put a hold on her tonight; will find out tomorrow if we get her  Not that we NEED another one but I can’t let them euthanize her when she still has her senior years left to enjoy.  I don’t have any idea what her life has been like before but she’s still alive at 13 and she’s heartworm negative, so I’d think someone has loved her for a long time.  Now we’ll love her the rest of her years.

I had my nuclear stress test today.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I sure am glad it’s over.  It could have been worse but the employees at the clinic made the day not only bearable but pleasant.  I was stressed in more ways than one but it’s done.  They’re going to call me Tuesday with the results.  Only one more item in my preop checklist so it’s almost over.  Thanks Gods!!  I only have 6 more days to work and a meeting to attend one day.  That doesn’t sound so bad.

Update 1/20/11: The shelter called me today about Jamie.  Seems there was a lady there who really, really wanted her so they asked me how interested I was in getting her.  I told them I was just going to help her (as usual) but if the lady was going to adopt Jamie then by all means to let her go.  I know I’d want someone to step aside if I just fell in love with a pooch and it’s easy to fall for this one!  Sometimes you just have to step aside and let Life happen.  I wish Jamie well, and the other lady who loves her, too.

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