Number 7 in our household and we’re on hold until after my surgery.  I took four of them to the vet today.  I don’t know which of us was happier to get home and relax!  All got shots, one scheduled to be spayed next week and one needs a puppy tooth pulled, also next week.  Then I won’t have to go back until next month when Bandit gets the last of his shots and gets neutered.  Hopefully by then I’ll be driving and it won’t be an issue.  Poor baby gets car sick.  Usually he just drools but today he was in the car so long (I took a wrong turn) that just as we pulled into the driveway he chucked his entire lunch.  Everyone (except me, who could use a break right now) is sleeping.  All I can hear is their light snoring and the fan on my laptop.  This sure doesn’t happen often; guess I wore them out.  Sure wore me out!

Mimi—-the newest little girl in the family.  Seven years old, HW negative, bad dermatitus from fleas.  Sweet little girl once she got used to us.  The first thing she did after we got home was try to bite Ronnie and my hand got in the way.  She ended up biting both of us but only bringing blood on me…..figures!  We have found that she sometimes bites out of fear.  She has plenty to be afraid of.  Her owner passed away and the family took her to the shelter, where she was going to be euthanized.  I’d have been frightened, too, dammit!  Now that she’s settled in she’s calmed down considerably.  She did good at the vet today.  She’s even getting where she’ll let Ronnie touch her.  He said she had probably been abused by a male because she is fine around women.  She’s beginning to find out that her daddy loves her, too, though.  That works for me!

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