Oh, My Aching…….

In a few minutes I get to go to bed and lay on my side…either of them, actually.  Since I’m not a “back” sleeper the past couple of weeks have begun to wear me down.  I’m beginning to feel like my tail bone is shaking hands with the bed springs.  Today I went for my first post-op doctor’s appointment and my surgeon’s PA has okayed sleeping on my side again.  OMG, I can only imagine what that will feel like.  Prior to my surgery every sleeping position hurt.  Post-op I’ve been okay most nights pain-wise by sleeping on my back.  Tonight I’m looking forward to rolling up in a little ball on my side, curling around my 4 pound Chihuahua, Dusty, and sleeping pain-free for the first time in several years (15, I think).  Oh, joy!

The last time I posted I couldn’t upload a picture of my new recup outfit.  Just figured out that it was because this program is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 RC.  After I uninstalled it, Blogger works perfectly again.  Live and learn. 

Will try to upload some more tomorrow.  Good night, All.

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