OMG!  Have you ever seen anything so damned cute?  We got him Monday.  He was 8 days old, 2 pounds, eyes aren’t even open yet.  Of course, he’s being fed with a bottle every 4 hours but getting stronger every day and very brave.  I don’t think he even knows yet that there are things out there that can hurt him.  We’re doing our best to keep him safe and healthy.  Today his little eyes are opening; I don’t think he can see anything but shadows but he’s cute with the little shiny eyes peeking out.  They were going to euthanize him at the shelter because his mom had stopped feeding him and none of the other kennel mothers would feed him either.  The staff was having to bottle feed him and there’s just not enough people there to sit with a tiny baby animal 24/7.  Well, they don’t have to worry about it now.  I’m calling him Bear-Bear for now just because he looks like a little teddy bear you’d buy in the store.  When he develops some personality we’ll change it.  I’m taking YouTube videos and posting them on Facebook every day.  Being off on sick leave has some benefits.  I’d never be able to do this and work shift work.

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