Just Layin’ Around

Only puppies can get this relaxed, right?  Well, here is our “big boy” taking a siesta, still doing well and growing like a weed.  Eyes open now, beginning to eat soft food and learning to play with the big dogs.  He is very intelligent and picks up things from the other dogs immediately.  It amazes me on a daily basis how fast he learns, grows and changes.  We love him to death but he really hasn’t developed much of a singular personality yet, so no names have stuck.  Most often I call him “momma’s big boy” and he comes running.  No self-respecting grown dog would be caught dead with that moniker.  I called him Bear-Bear at the beginning just to have a label, but after a few days it was just baby-talk and senseless drivel.  Then, Ronnie started calling him Little Bear but that didn’t stick either (though I liked that better).  Then, it was Zeus because he sure rules this house like he’s the chief god in the universe.  But that hasn’t really stuck either.  We’ll give it some time; all we’re really sure of right now is that he’s going to be a big boy.  At 28 days old, he already weighs 7 pounds and is bigger than my full-grown Chihuahuas.  If he grows to fit his feet…you’ve heard that one before.  I read tonight that I’m supposed to slow down the amount of liquids he gets now.  I’m so glad because right now he is a 4-legged urine machine.  We keep a mop on standby at all times and are going through puppy pads by the dozen.  And we won’t even go into the other production.

I have a couple of friends/family who have fallen in love with him, so he has possible furever homes in the making.  It’s going to be hard to give him up after doing this 24/7 mother thing for a couple of months.  It’s going to be like giving up a child.  I’ve been joking that the only one that could possibly qualify to adopt him would be the President of the U.S. or God………we’ll give it some time and go from there……

Today, Jackson found his furever home.  When the gentleman walked in the door, Jackson jumped up on him to be picked up.  The guy scooped him up and Jackson simply relaxed in his arms like he’d been there forever.  I heard from them tonight and they already love him!! (their exclamation marks, too!).  I’m so glad; I was beginning to worry that he wouldn’t find a good home and he’s such a sweet baby.  He deserves happiness and I think his new family will provide that for him.  Yay!!!!!!!!! (my exclamations but I’m very, very happy)

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