When he walks the ground shakes!  Yesterday he weighed 10.5 pounds; he is 5 weeks old.  Where will he stop?  What kind of dog was his daddy; we know his mom was a pointer mix who was petite.  This baby is NOT petite.  We’re looking at pictures of St. Bernards.  He looks EXACTLY like one. 

He’s beginning to use the puppy pads and to go potty outside.  If the door is left open he will just walk out with the other dogs (or alone) and he’s trying to get through the dog door, too.  He’s growing up too fast!  He’s good though; he sleeps all night in a dog bed beside the bed.  He plays with the other dogs with a preference for Bandit, of course, since Bandit plays with him ALL the time.  Bandit is a bigger baby than Maximus is, and he’s 6 months old. 

I’m loving raising this puppy.  Can you tell?

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