Goodbye Gigi Girl!

Today Gigi went to her furever home in Willis, Texas, with some of Ronnie’s family.  She’d been with us for about 18 months so it really hurt when she walked (was carried) out the door today.  But she went in her daddy’s strong arms and nothing will hurt her.  She has needed her “own” home for a long time but there was no place to rehome her before now.  Thankfully Ronnie thought of his relatives since they had lost one of their furbabies and they are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  She went in a pink and white dress, with her own crate, leash, treats, blanket, hoodie, light jacket, etc., and all her paperwork and medicine/vet information.  We’ve got you covered, Gigi girl.
Of course, I cried.  Last night before I went to bed, and off and on all day today I’ve cried.  Had to write this goodbye to her to hopefully get it out of my mind, though there’s no way to purge her from my heart.  I know she is going to a home where they will love her and spoil her just like we did, but it hurts to lose them, the rescues who are here on a temporary basis.
Now we are left with only 2 fosters to rehome: Mimi and Maximus.  I don’t think it will kill me to lose Mimi, though, of course, I will miss the sweet little girl.  But, Maximus will be another thing entirely.  I finally admitted that to Ronnie the other day, but he already knew, probably better than I.  So those tears are yet to come.  I know we do not have enough room for 2 big dogs, and Bandit is a sweetheart; he’s not going anywhere.  So, Maximus will be the one to leave, and he will take what is left of my heart.  This is when Rescue hurts.  It’s when I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

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