He’s MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This beautiful, soft, playful, adorable, gentle beastie is mine, all mine!  I mailed in his adoption papers tonight.  We’ve decided to take a hiatus from fostering, continue to look for a home for Mimi and keep Maximus.  I’m so glad that the sad tears of loss for Max will not come, at least for the foreseeable future unless tragedy should strike somehow, etc.
I’m doing much better today.  I started out depressed and still upset from losing Gigi, but I knew I had to snap myself out of it somehow.  So I went shopping; retail therapy always helps, right?  Then, when Ronnie got home from fishing he took me out to dinner and a movie.  We had a long conversation at dinner and made some decisions for the immediate future.  I think we both feel better tonight.
I have put Bandit on a leash two days in a row.  Yesterday we just went across the street to the mailbox.  He did really well on the leash so today we walked to the stop sign.  Not really far, but he’s learning to walk on the leash and I’m exercising my new hip, so it was a win-win situation.  Don’t know how far we’ll get tomorrow but I’m intent on keeping up with it.  We also decided to put the big dogs through some formal training since we don’t happen to be very good at doing it ourselves.  I’ve got a million phone calls to make tomorrow.
All is well tonight, much better than I expected when I woke up this morning.  You never know what a day will bring……….

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