What a beautiful face you might say.  I might say so, too!  Poor, beautiful little girl just showed up locally and is not micro-chipped and has no means of identification.  I didn’t find her but a friend of a friend passed her to me in exchange for Mimi.  She could not handle the bigger dog since she doesn’t have a fenced yard and does have 3 children, one of whom is special-needs.  So, Jilly had no where to go.  Carol traded her with Mimi, knowing that Mimi snaps/bites when she is frightened/startled, so no punches were pulled on either side. 

We have had Jilly vaccinated and checked for micro-chip, but none existed.  She was heartworm negative and parasite free so someone was taking good care of her before she got lost.  She has been groomed even though it has grown out some but some one loves this girl somewhere and I’m sure has shed tears at her loss.  So, now she is on HW and flea prevention, up to date on vaccinations, and had her picture professionally made.  She is now a part of our vet’s adoption program, will be groomed on Thursday and spayed and micro-chipped on Friday.

I have a friend at work who is a “cocker spaniel man” and I’m hoping that he will take her.  He wants her, is trying to convince his wife to add to their brood of three, and is planning to take her on a trial when he gets his long change.  We’re hoping there’s a happy ending there for Miss Jilly.

She is so beautiful and if we didn’t already have 6 dogs of our own she would go nowhere.  She has not been disciplined and is a hard-headed little girl.  She walks us on a leash instead of vice versa, but we are working on all those things, too.  And she’s showing improvement, believe it or not.  I just hope he comes riding in on his white horse and sweeps her away to forever and forever.  She, and he, deserve it.

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