Daddy’s Babies

In this picture it may appear that Bandit belongs to Ronnie.  It appears that way every other time, too.  Bandit knows he is Ronnie’s baby; unfortunately since Maximus follows Bandit like a leach, Max thinks he belongs to Ronnie, too.  Breaks my heart that the puppy that I spent so much time, worry and tears over doesn’t know I exist anymore.  Wah!  Well, he’ll come back around eventually.  In fact, since Ronnie hasn’t been around as much as I have lately I’m already reaping the benefits of having Maximus to myself.  It’s wonderful!  I just love to touch him, stroke his soft fur and have him lay his head in my lap and look up at me the same way he did when he was a tiny puppy.  I miss that bond we had back then.  Tomorrow he’ll be 15 weeks old; last Sunday he weighed 34.5 pounds; got to be nearing 40 this week.  He is solid as a rock and his feet are still huge.  His legs are like tree trunks, thick and strong, and getting longer every day.  I can still pick him up but not easily.  15 weeks means right at 4 months.  Bandit will be 12 months soon (July).  The article I read about Australian cattle dogs said that they do not mature for 2 years, so I’m thinking we’ll still have puppies for another year or 2 if it’s also an extra year for Max, too.
Bandit has made a great dog from a precious puppy.  He minds well; is not too destructive (for a puppy), plays with all the dogs well, and loves me almost as much as he loves Ronnie….and that’s saying something because he loves his daddy a lot!  He’s a good baby and loves to be a lap dog and to be close for close’s sake, and to give smooches.  He’s a sweetie pie of a dog.  If we had to keep some big dogs we kept 2 who will probably be good ones when they get older.  They’re pretty sweet now.  I’ve started working with them to learn their simple commands again, such as sit, stay and No, but we have a ways to go to learn manners.  Too many dogs, too many personalities, too may egos,  but we do what we can.  What we can right now is go to bed.  It’s almost 12:30 AM. and we’re all tired.  So I’ll say good night to all………..

They’re Killin’ Me!

Looks ferocious, doesn’t it?  My three biggest boys playing in the backyard.  I had to snap this one fast to get it at all.  Each of them have the next smaller dog in his mouth.  Cool picture!  I’ll probably never get another one this good of them, but this one is a keeper.

This was the week that we both worked days, so the dogs were left alone for 12 hours a day for four days.  I think they tried to destroy the house in retribution.  They’ve tracked in things that I can’t identify.  They’ve pulled all the little dog blankets into the backyard.  They’ve disemboweled most of the stuffed toys, chewed up the doggie pads and peed in the house.  And Maximus thinks the sheetrock tastes good.  What is it about puppies that they try to eat the walls?  This is the third dog I’ve had that has chewed into the sheetrock.  I’ve already purchased the spackle to repair it.  Now I just have to get some bitter lemon to get him to stop chewing on it.  Puppies!!!!!  It was a pleasure on the days that Ronnie got home before me because I didn’t have to clean it up.  Ronnie got here one day before me.   

Today I slept in, then I stayed in bed an extra hour not wanting to get up.  Can you say exhaustion?  Once I did get up things were progressing just fine; I even got a bath.  But when I locked them out of the bedroom while I blow-dried my hair and brushed my teeth they destroyed another pee pad in the living room.  I would cry but I don’t have the energy.  Luckily my housekeeper comes today (she is running late, too) so at least I’ll have a clean house before the day is done.  I have about 25 loads of laundry to do after she leaves.  Good thing I’ll be off for a few days; it may take me some time.  At least I’ll be here to supervise the thugs (I mean dogs) closer and try to bring some order back to our house…..and take some more pictures………..

RIP SheShe (ShayShay)

Just heard this afternoon that SheShe, the mother of Maximus, has been put to sleep at the kennel because she wasn’t adopted.  So sad and so sad for all the other 4-legged babies that die in the shelters because of over-crowding.  She hit my heart especially hard though because without her we wouldn’t have Max.  And he’s such a good baby, even at 25 pounds and 11 weeks of age.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that he’s only a puppy because he’s as big as Bandit now, but this puppy wouldn’t exist if not for the mother who died from lack of love….no one (including us) adopted her because they didn’t care enough to make room for her.  Sad, but I can’t do a thing to help at this point.  Since I just went back to work I hadn’t been getting the daily notices from the shelter lately.  I didn’t know she was up for EU until it was all over.  She was only a year old and 52 pounds.  That’s a pound per week that she grew up.  She shouldn’t have even been bred yet, much less dead.  I wish I could save them all.  Don’t we all?

We also have gotten Jilly adopted by a family who loved her immediately, so that’s a happy ending we can hold close to our hearts.  Maybe that will help to make up for the sadness at losing SheShe.

Today we also got Mimi back.  Since Jilly is gone we had room for her again.  Ronnie and I talked about it last night wondering how she would be when she came home, if she would remember us or if we’d have to get bitten again while she adjusted again.  But she knew me immediately and came to me so excited and giving me kisses.  Gypsy’s not too happy to see her but to everyone else it’s as if she’s never been gone.  She’s been loving, quiet and gentle so far.  Hope it stays this way.  She will need a bath, however.  She definitely has that “smells like a dog” aroma about her.

Back to my doggie life……..