They’re Killin’ Me!

Looks ferocious, doesn’t it?  My three biggest boys playing in the backyard.  I had to snap this one fast to get it at all.  Each of them have the next smaller dog in his mouth.  Cool picture!  I’ll probably never get another one this good of them, but this one is a keeper.

This was the week that we both worked days, so the dogs were left alone for 12 hours a day for four days.  I think they tried to destroy the house in retribution.  They’ve tracked in things that I can’t identify.  They’ve pulled all the little dog blankets into the backyard.  They’ve disemboweled most of the stuffed toys, chewed up the doggie pads and peed in the house.  And Maximus thinks the sheetrock tastes good.  What is it about puppies that they try to eat the walls?  This is the third dog I’ve had that has chewed into the sheetrock.  I’ve already purchased the spackle to repair it.  Now I just have to get some bitter lemon to get him to stop chewing on it.  Puppies!!!!!  It was a pleasure on the days that Ronnie got home before me because I didn’t have to clean it up.  Ronnie got here one day before me.   

Today I slept in, then I stayed in bed an extra hour not wanting to get up.  Can you say exhaustion?  Once I did get up things were progressing just fine; I even got a bath.  But when I locked them out of the bedroom while I blow-dried my hair and brushed my teeth they destroyed another pee pad in the living room.  I would cry but I don’t have the energy.  Luckily my housekeeper comes today (she is running late, too) so at least I’ll have a clean house before the day is done.  I have about 25 loads of laundry to do after she leaves.  Good thing I’ll be off for a few days; it may take me some time.  At least I’ll be here to supervise the thugs (I mean dogs) closer and try to bring some order back to our house…..and take some more pictures………..

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