Daddy’s Babies

In this picture it may appear that Bandit belongs to Ronnie.  It appears that way every other time, too.  Bandit knows he is Ronnie’s baby; unfortunately since Maximus follows Bandit like a leach, Max thinks he belongs to Ronnie, too.  Breaks my heart that the puppy that I spent so much time, worry and tears over doesn’t know I exist anymore.  Wah!  Well, he’ll come back around eventually.  In fact, since Ronnie hasn’t been around as much as I have lately I’m already reaping the benefits of having Maximus to myself.  It’s wonderful!  I just love to touch him, stroke his soft fur and have him lay his head in my lap and look up at me the same way he did when he was a tiny puppy.  I miss that bond we had back then.  Tomorrow he’ll be 15 weeks old; last Sunday he weighed 34.5 pounds; got to be nearing 40 this week.  He is solid as a rock and his feet are still huge.  His legs are like tree trunks, thick and strong, and getting longer every day.  I can still pick him up but not easily.  15 weeks means right at 4 months.  Bandit will be 12 months soon (July).  The article I read about Australian cattle dogs said that they do not mature for 2 years, so I’m thinking we’ll still have puppies for another year or 2 if it’s also an extra year for Max, too.
Bandit has made a great dog from a precious puppy.  He minds well; is not too destructive (for a puppy), plays with all the dogs well, and loves me almost as much as he loves Ronnie….and that’s saying something because he loves his daddy a lot!  He’s a good baby and loves to be a lap dog and to be close for close’s sake, and to give smooches.  He’s a sweetie pie of a dog.  If we had to keep some big dogs we kept 2 who will probably be good ones when they get older.  They’re pretty sweet now.  I’ve started working with them to learn their simple commands again, such as sit, stay and No, but we have a ways to go to learn manners.  Too many dogs, too many personalities, too may egos,  but we do what we can.  What we can right now is go to bed.  It’s almost 12:30 AM. and we’re all tired.  So I’ll say good night to all………..

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