Maximus Bigamous Dogamous

Haven’t weighed him yet this week but last week he was 36.2 pounds (at 4 months).  He gained 12 pounds last month but seems to be coasting lately.  Maybe this is as big as he’s going to get?  His voice is deep and sonorous, like you’d hear from a BIG dog, so maybe not.
He has gotten a lot more lovable lately.  I was beginning to think he was never going to let me love him again.  He got so attached to Bandit and Ronnie for a while, but he’s mine again now–in addition to being Bandit’s & Ronnie’s.  Maybe because he got so big so fast & was hurting me physically I pushed him away??  Don’t know.  But now I’m not afraid of his size anymore and he’s not being standoffish with me.
It’s hard sometimes to realize that he’s still a baby.  I have to consider his age and what that age would look like if he were a Chihuahua.  That gives me an idea of his real age.  He is just a baby.  There’s lots of life yet out there for this big baby.  He has one more set of shots then we’ll set up his neuter surgery.  They will also repair his umbilical hernia and micro-chip him.  Then he’ll be able to go to the dog park with Bandit.  I can’t wait!!!!  They’ll have so much fun together.  They do now with a small yard.  I can only imagine how they will run with all that space available, and other dogs to play with as well.  Must take my camera for that!

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  1. Peyton
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 06:47:32

    You have a youtube channel?


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