Well, who is happier?  Me or the dogs?  I think it’s a toss-up.  Last year we bought a little pool because all we had was Chihuahuas; this year Ronnie found a big one and it was an immediate hit.  Even after I got out the big dogs would get back in, especially Maximus.  I was so glad to see that.  Too bad we can’t leave water in it for them all the time; it’s so hot and dry this summer.  But if one of the little ones drowned in it I’d never forgive myself.  And, too, the big dogs would probably chew it up and then no one would have a pool.    Sometimes there’s too many details to having fun……..
This has been a good set of nights; peaceful even if somewhat busy at times.  And Sunday night Baby Liam got his new heart.  I’d been so worried that he wasn’t going to survive long enough for a transplant but it all worked out and he’s doing well.  Somehow I think the relief I feel after months of worry has kind of pulled the props out from under me.  Now I’m exhausted and just want a break.  Thankfully I’m off until Friday so a break is in sight for me.  Maybe I’ll finally have time to sew!
Sewing is a whole other subject.  I’m in the market for a serger now and have volunteered to embroider some things for TNT.  Haven’t gotten a lot done, but I intend to.  I also have a keepsake quilt started for Coralee and some sewing to do just for us.  Hope I have time to accomplish some of it on my days off.
Well, time for Ronnie to get up for work so I’d better get back to my real life.  TaTa!

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