Canine Condos

On a recent Saturday we went to Petsmart and spent all our money in one day.  Well, almost all.  Our baby, Maximus, 67 pounds at almost 7 months old had outgrown his crate.  Since we have no room in the kingsized bed (there are already 5 Chihuahuas that sleep in it) in our room that necessitated buying Max a new crate.  We did some research on products, crate sizes and prices and decided to go for broke…literally.  We bought the biggest one we could find and a $50 cushion that said “chew resistant” (they were wrong; it didn’t even last for the rest of the day before Bandit disemboweled it).
After blowing our finances we spent the rest of the afternoon putting them together, which became a community effort.  Three people at Petsmart helped Ronnie get all the pieces in the right place.  The first one we had was bumfuzzled and they only had one more, so they put it together in the store to make sure all the pieces were there.  That’s about the same time we realized that it wouldn’t fit in my car, even in pieces, so we had to go home and get the truck.
We took it home intact but soon realized that it wouldn’t go through any door in the house, so Ronnie diligently took the whole thing apart, brought all the pieces inside and put it back together again.  Man, was that sucker huge!!!!!!!  We had to move some furniture out just to get all the dog crates in!
It was obviously worth it because Maximus went right in and made himself at home.  We had to put Aidan and Bandit in their crates; they wanted to be with Max.  They sleep in their crates just fine; at least Aidan does.  Bandit thinks Max’s Cave is his, too.  So they double up and cuddle all night.  From the day I brought Max home from the shelter Bandit has loved him.  Now they don’t have to be separated at all.  Kind of sweet when you think about it.

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