Dustypoo Turns 2

Little Dusty (formerly Hobo) just turned 2 years old.  He’s my baby, my sweet, my heart, my arm-candy.  Everybody loves Dusty.  Everyone who comes in this house wants him, then finds out he’s not looking for a home (he owns this one, why would he want anything else?).  LOL
My brother-in-law put him inside his shirt and said goodbye.  I threatened to shoot him if he walked out the door with Dusty.  LOL  That’s how cute and sweet our Dusty is.  I found his picture on one of the rescue sites one day and filled out an application on the spot (before I even got home!).  And it’s a good thing I did because there were 5 applications received that afternoon and mine was the first!  Thank gods!!!!!!!!  Because he’s mine!  All mine!!!! Bwahhhhahahhhhhhhaaaaa! 
Oh, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  So our Dusty just turned 2 years old October 1st.  For a while there we didn’t know if he was going to see 2 years old because last year he got really sick with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE).  He was bleeding anally, vomiting and losing weight.  Since he was topping 3 whole pounds at the time we didn’t think he could afford to lose much.  After several doctor visits and much dispensed medication he pulled through and his tummy started healing again.  We changed the food he was eating, too, in case that had any effect on him.  He seems to be digesting food pretty much normally now although it’s sometimes very smelly where he sits.  He is silent but deadly and will empty an entire room when he gets that gassy thing going on.  As little as he is, he will actually stop conversation in the room immediately.  That’s our Dusty!
But we love him, no matter what!  Happy birthday, Dusty man!!!!!!!!

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