I’ve dropped by my own blog many times and wanted to post but I’m always too busy, too tired, or too uninspired.  Today I was also too determined, so here I am.

Today is a slow day sitting around in my nightgown being kissed alternately by one of eight (8) dogs.  Five of them actually belong to us; the others are gravy….big, slurpy, puppy kinda gravy.  I’ll definitely have to shower and rinse out the pores before we go to dinner tonight.  I wonder how many different kinds of microbes could be found on my body today with so many contributors around me.

I’m also trying to do something constructive: like the laundry, for instance.  The washer and dryer are both running, I’m happy to say.  I didn’t say the vacuum cleaner was running though, please note. And it probably ain’t gonna happen today either!  I wouldn’t like to actually break a sweat; it is, after all, my day off.

I’d like to use the excuse that I spent too much time on Facebook (’cause I did), or that I didn’t get much sleep (which I didn’t), or that I’m so depressed I can’t function (big, fat lie, that one!).  But I’ve seen times that I am only half in my mind (like after I take a sleeping pill but before I fall down) that I still came here and blogged. 

So, what’s the big deal with not posting??????  I’ve been busy.  (Yeah, that sounds good!) Oh, nevermind!  I made it and that’s what’s important, right?  Don’t need substance, right?  It’s just a b-l-o-g, not the Encyclopedia Brittanica, for gawd’s sake.  Okay.  That feels right……..

Anybody want to adopt a rescued animal?  We’ve got all shapes and sizes and ages.  One thing they all have in common: They’ll love you more than they’ll love themselves.  What a deal?  Who could pass that one up?