How often do you see humans peacefully coexisting like these two obviously different dogs?  Both are happy to just lay out in the sunlight and enjoy the leaves falling from the trees and the slight breeze blowing through their hair.  I love this picture.  It’s one of those that I said, “Oh, crap, look at them!  I’ve got to run get the camera!”.  And I did.  And they stayed right there enjoying the peace and quiet until I snapped several pictures of them just to make sure one of them would be good enough to save.  And all of them were good.  And as soon as they saw the camera and me behind it they ran like hell to get petted.  I’m glad at least I got pictures.  This is a picture of rescue dogs.
“Rescue dogs” brings a different picture to everyone’s mind.  Dogs dirty and skinny, injured, sick and smelly; humans around them equally dirty and smelly from digging them out of some hovel.  And that’s how we get a lot of our rescues.  Some nice human took the time and expended the energy to dig out these poor starving 4-legged creatures from wherever they were holed up out of the weather when their previous humans let them down, kicked them out, or just didn’t care at all.  Their fear and sadness is written all over their little faces.  They just want to be warm, healed and loved…maybe not in that order.  Most of all, they need to be loved.  That’s what foster homes are all about.
That’s what we do.  We bathe them, feed them, love them, spoil them if we can.  And if we’re lucky we find furever homes just for them, that fit them and their needs or special-ness.  Sometimes homes are easy to find, but sometimes the babies stay here for months or more.  Some of our dogs started out as fosters but we fell in love and couldn’t let them go.  That’s when we just adopted them ourselves and relaxed.
In the picture are Dusty, who was found in Alvin, Texas, and never claimed.  I fell in love with the first picture of him I saw.  Never had to foster that one.  He’s mine and the feeling is mutual.  On the right is Louise.  She was abandoned by her owners, found emaciated and scared wandering a neighborhood.  Luckily she was found by a kind lady and sent to us to foster.  We love her so much that it will take a really good new home to make us turn her loose.  LOL  If we had enough room we would just go ahead and adopt her.  She loves us just as much, which is a good thing for all of us.
Besides these two there are six more, some of which are looking for new homes, too.  They’re not cold, hungry or lonely.  They’re not unloved, wet or frightened, but they need loving homes where they’re the only dog so that they get all the attention they deserve.  Here they have to share our love but in the home we look for they are king; they are the special one; they get everything that the gods intended for them.
Won’t you help us to help them?  You’ll be happy you did.

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