Sewing Room Revamp In Progress

See any difference?  It’s not done; I still have ideas for it but I worked all night then came home and cleaned out that room, so I’m done for now.  At least now I only have to move one small box before I have a place to cut fabric.  When I was younger I would spread the cloth on the floor, pin the pattern to it and cut out anything I wanted, but that was 6 dogs and 35 years ago.  As it was this morning, Bandit found a spool of specialty serger thread I bought for a project that isn’t complete.  By the time I realized he had something besides his own chew bone, the thread was history.  I don’t think he ate much of it before I found him but it’ll never be able to roll off that spool again.  I should have taken a photo of it before I threw it away; it had bloomed into a mass of bright orange strands surrounding an oddly-shaped white core of questionable origin or shape.

The big dogs love the sewing room; always have.  There are always lots of things to chew, fabric to drag off and eat holes through, and little colorful bits to eat when I least expect it.  According to Ronnie, when he utilizes the pooper scooper in the backyard after a sewing binge the excrement is a little more interesting hue than normal.

The sweat is drying; time to find some PJs and head toward the bedroom.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on the file cabinet.  It has to be cleaned out, no doubt about that, but do I replace it?  down-size it? or utilize the extra space for sewing storage?  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Sew Happy to Get Some Space Again

I basically have 2 corners of this house to relax in.  One is the one where my desk and computer sit and the other is where my sewing stuff lives.  At 2 A.M. this morning I was talking on Facebook, working on a computer and browsing a sewing website.  The sewing website had a forum entry that discussed where we sew and how we organize our sewing areas.  In a flash I was grabbing the camera and taking photos to upload to my sewing forum.  Since I recently completed some major-sized sewing projects, this week showed that there was still a sewing room under all that fabric.

After a couple of years parked in the corner of the “extra” bedroom, my sewing space still needs so much in the way of organizing.  Originally I had a cutting table where I could spread out fabric, measure and cut with precision.  But the cutting table was the first thing to go because I didn’t have enough room to walk around it, so now where am I going to cut cloth?  Ideally it will be on that table attached to my sewing table that has all those flowered boxes stacked on it….(yeah, that sounds good!), but since I’ve run out of days off to play in there I guess that will give my mind a while longer to contemplate the floorplan.

Who Knew Hulu Was So Crowded?

The boys sharing Hulu on the loveseat

Wednesday night on the loveseat for the TV watchers and sleepers.  I think the sleepers are taking up most of the room, don’t you?  But they don’t look like it’s effecting their viewing pleasure any.  I just went back to my office and minded my own business.

In our house there are TV watchers, computer geeks, and hobbyists.  We all have our designated area.  Ronnie used to have the entire living room for his multimedia room.  Now he has the half that Maximus doesn’t own.  Behind the loveseat is Max’s crate and Max’s treadmill.  In order to make this configuration fit we had to jam the loveseat into the side of the couch and move everything about 6-7 feet southwest.  This house is only 1000 square feet of living space so that doesn’t leave a whole lot for us.  We’ve been doing some rearranging lately so that we at least have a path in the house so it feels like a home again instead of a jungle.  I remember telling Ronnie at one point that if we ever had a fire in here we’d never be able to get out in time because of everything we’d be falling over and running into.  I was hoping beyond hope that that would give him incentive to clean out some of that crap in the garage but I guess I’m going to have to do it for him…..except I haul it to the street for the trashmen and he hates it when I do that.   I, of course, love the clean and being able to walk through the garage in a straight path with out falling over anything or without having anything fall on me.  I wish he shared those goals.  <sigh>>


Maximus stays!  Ronnie and I talked about rehoming Max and decided we couldn’t do it.  He’s come such a long way in the past 2 months and we have learned enough that we believe we can handle keeping him.  It helped that the people who asked about him weren’t being very responsible about it either.  They never submitted the application and when I set up a meeting they wanted me to drive over to their town instead of them coming to Maximus.  I thought that was irresponsible and ended negotiations at that point.

Then another girl called after we took him off the market but I told her we’d decided to keep him and that there were many more deserving dogs out there that needed to be loved.  I tried to encourage her to keep looking at shelter dogs.  She already has a shelter dog so is open to another for him to play with.  She seemed very sweet.  Perhaps if it’d been her that called the first time things might have worked out differently….but I always feel that things happen for the best.  And this will be another one of those things if we wait it out long enough.

And in the mean time, all of us are happy with the exception of Mimi.  Trelle, our trainer, is going to help us with that; we’re just waiting for an appointment now for them to come to our house and evaluate the situation with all the dogs together.  That ought to be interesting.  LOL

Time for bed.  Good night, George.  Good night, Gracie.

Maximus a Rolling Stone?

There is someone interested in rehoming Maximus.  I don’t know what to think about it; I don’t even have the application yet but am trying to put it in the right perspective in my head.  I know we don’t have a big enough yard for him and he would probably be happier with a younger family, and our lives would definitely be easier, BUT, he’s still my baby!  That’s where I get hung up–on the emotional part.  I love him.  I guess I’m just trying to figure out if love is enough.  I want him (and all of our animals) to have the best lives that they can, and I know he’s really more than we can comfortably handle.  But he’s happy with us, with our routine, with his canine brothers and sisters.  Other “rescue people” tell me that it’s a decision only I can make, and that’s the problem.  I’m having a problem giving him up.

I think if this new home is a good one the decision would be easier and I don’t know anything about these people yet;  they’re supposed to come meet him this weekend.  So I’ll try to reserve judgement until I have all the facts.  It’s just on my mind this morning.

Worked all night and I’m tired.  That’s when my emotions are the flakiest–when I’m tired.  It seems like lately I’ve been more tired than normal and I know it’s because I’m over-extended time-wise.  I have so many things to do, that I want to do, but there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do it all.  Then when I don’t do it all, I feel like I’m not doing enough.  It’s the mantra of 90% of today’s American women.

Actually if this is a good home for Maximus it would probably lower our stress levels around here somewhat.  He is still a puppy, and an 80 pound puppy at that.  So he requires a lot of attention and energy.  Guess we’ll wait until we meet the prospective adopters and see if it’s a good match or not.  Not any sense in worrying about it until the threat becomes a reality, I suppose.  LOL  This is the last time I bottle feed a rescue puppy unless I have the total intention of keeping it.  I’ve waffled back and forth about this puppy the entire time I’ve had him.  He just stole my heart; what can I say in my defense?  He’s just a sweetheart and I love him.  I just didn’t know he was going to be so danged big!

Treadmill Babies

We bought the boys a treadmill and both of them love it!  Maximus will push everyone off of it so he can walk; he walks longer and faster than anyone else, and he’s even slept on it once.  I think they’re happy, don’t you?  Videos on my YouTube channel: