Maximus a Rolling Stone?

There is someone interested in rehoming Maximus.  I don’t know what to think about it; I don’t even have the application yet but am trying to put it in the right perspective in my head.  I know we don’t have a big enough yard for him and he would probably be happier with a younger family, and our lives would definitely be easier, BUT, he’s still my baby!  That’s where I get hung up–on the emotional part.  I love him.  I guess I’m just trying to figure out if love is enough.  I want him (and all of our animals) to have the best lives that they can, and I know he’s really more than we can comfortably handle.  But he’s happy with us, with our routine, with his canine brothers and sisters.  Other “rescue people” tell me that it’s a decision only I can make, and that’s the problem.  I’m having a problem giving him up.

I think if this new home is a good one the decision would be easier and I don’t know anything about these people yet;  they’re supposed to come meet him this weekend.  So I’ll try to reserve judgement until I have all the facts.  It’s just on my mind this morning.

Worked all night and I’m tired.  That’s when my emotions are the flakiest–when I’m tired.  It seems like lately I’ve been more tired than normal and I know it’s because I’m over-extended time-wise.  I have so many things to do, that I want to do, but there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do it all.  Then when I don’t do it all, I feel like I’m not doing enough.  It’s the mantra of 90% of today’s American women.

Actually if this is a good home for Maximus it would probably lower our stress levels around here somewhat.  He is still a puppy, and an 80 pound puppy at that.  So he requires a lot of attention and energy.  Guess we’ll wait until we meet the prospective adopters and see if it’s a good match or not.  Not any sense in worrying about it until the threat becomes a reality, I suppose.  LOL  This is the last time I bottle feed a rescue puppy unless I have the total intention of keeping it.  I’ve waffled back and forth about this puppy the entire time I’ve had him.  He just stole my heart; what can I say in my defense?  He’s just a sweetheart and I love him.  I just didn’t know he was going to be so danged big!

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