Maximus stays!  Ronnie and I talked about rehoming Max and decided we couldn’t do it.  He’s come such a long way in the past 2 months and we have learned enough that we believe we can handle keeping him.  It helped that the people who asked about him weren’t being very responsible about it either.  They never submitted the application and when I set up a meeting they wanted me to drive over to their town instead of them coming to Maximus.  I thought that was irresponsible and ended negotiations at that point.

Then another girl called after we took him off the market but I told her we’d decided to keep him and that there were many more deserving dogs out there that needed to be loved.  I tried to encourage her to keep looking at shelter dogs.  She already has a shelter dog so is open to another for him to play with.  She seemed very sweet.  Perhaps if it’d been her that called the first time things might have worked out differently….but I always feel that things happen for the best.  And this will be another one of those things if we wait it out long enough.

And in the mean time, all of us are happy with the exception of Mimi.  Trelle, our trainer, is going to help us with that; we’re just waiting for an appointment now for them to come to our house and evaluate the situation with all the dogs together.  That ought to be interesting.  LOL

Time for bed.  Good night, George.  Good night, Gracie.

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