Who Knew Hulu Was So Crowded?

The boys sharing Hulu on the loveseat

Wednesday night on the loveseat for the TV watchers and sleepers.  I think the sleepers are taking up most of the room, don’t you?  But they don’t look like it’s effecting their viewing pleasure any.  I just went back to my office and minded my own business.

In our house there are TV watchers, computer geeks, and hobbyists.  We all have our designated area.  Ronnie used to have the entire living room for his multimedia room.  Now he has the half that Maximus doesn’t own.  Behind the loveseat is Max’s crate and Max’s treadmill.  In order to make this configuration fit we had to jam the loveseat into the side of the couch and move everything about 6-7 feet southwest.  This house is only 1000 square feet of living space so that doesn’t leave a whole lot for us.  We’ve been doing some rearranging lately so that we at least have a path in the house so it feels like a home again instead of a jungle.  I remember telling Ronnie at one point that if we ever had a fire in here we’d never be able to get out in time because of everything we’d be falling over and running into.  I was hoping beyond hope that that would give him incentive to clean out some of that crap in the garage but I guess I’m going to have to do it for him…..except I haul it to the street for the trashmen and he hates it when I do that.   I, of course, love the clean and being able to walk through the garage in a straight path with out falling over anything or without having anything fall on me.  I wish he shared those goals.  <sigh>>

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