Sew Happy to Get Some Space Again

I basically have 2 corners of this house to relax in.  One is the one where my desk and computer sit and the other is where my sewing stuff lives.  At 2 A.M. this morning I was talking on Facebook, working on a computer and browsing a sewing website.  The sewing website had a forum entry that discussed where we sew and how we organize our sewing areas.  In a flash I was grabbing the camera and taking photos to upload to my sewing forum.  Since I recently completed some major-sized sewing projects, this week showed that there was still a sewing room under all that fabric.

After a couple of years parked in the corner of the “extra” bedroom, my sewing space still needs so much in the way of organizing.  Originally I had a cutting table where I could spread out fabric, measure and cut with precision.  But the cutting table was the first thing to go because I didn’t have enough room to walk around it, so now where am I going to cut cloth?  Ideally it will be on that table attached to my sewing table that has all those flowered boxes stacked on it….(yeah, that sounds good!), but since I’ve run out of days off to play in there I guess that will give my mind a while longer to contemplate the floorplan.

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