Sewing Room Revamp In Progress

See any difference?  It’s not done; I still have ideas for it but I worked all night then came home and cleaned out that room, so I’m done for now.  At least now I only have to move one small box before I have a place to cut fabric.  When I was younger I would spread the cloth on the floor, pin the pattern to it and cut out anything I wanted, but that was 6 dogs and 35 years ago.  As it was this morning, Bandit found a spool of specialty serger thread I bought for a project that isn’t complete.  By the time I realized he had something besides his own chew bone, the thread was history.  I don’t think he ate much of it before I found him but it’ll never be able to roll off that spool again.  I should have taken a photo of it before I threw it away; it had bloomed into a mass of bright orange strands surrounding an oddly-shaped white core of questionable origin or shape.

The big dogs love the sewing room; always have.  There are always lots of things to chew, fabric to drag off and eat holes through, and little colorful bits to eat when I least expect it.  According to Ronnie, when he utilizes the pooper scooper in the backyard after a sewing binge the excrement is a little more interesting hue than normal.

The sweat is drying; time to find some PJs and head toward the bedroom.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on the file cabinet.  It has to be cleaned out, no doubt about that, but do I replace it?  down-size it? or utilize the extra space for sewing storage?  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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