TGIF?  It’s only Tuesday?  Yeah, maybe for the rest of the world but this is actually Friday night for me.  My work week is done, 48 hours down and the weekend is here….even if it’s Tuesday.  Sometimes I wonder how my life ever got this busy/full or whatever you call it.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time left to accomplish anything anymore, and if a little time shows up it’s usually when my energy hits a new low and it all goes to waste.  <sigh>  Such is the way of the world nowadays, I’m afraid.  No one has any time anymore……on the other hand, recently I saw a blurb on one of the news channels online that people were doing this, that and the other because they were bored.  Bored?  Really?  How the hell did they find the time to be bored?  I just don’t get it.  I’m so looking forward to retirement next year so maybe I can finally have the time to do something that I want to do instead of what I have to do.

I have several projects on-going for my sewing room that I hope to address while I’m enjoying my “weekend”.  I have to get rid of the filing cabinet, go through at least 500 files and get rid of at least 400 of them, whatever that involves (are we still under a burn ban?).  I have to find and buy a 2 drawer lateral file to replace it with.  Then I have to talk my husband into getting rid of the L-return on his desk so I have a place to put the new filing system.  That shouldn’t be extremely difficult since the desk he has came from a garage sale 15 years ago.  The desk is in great shape but the L has been moved unceremoniously in the wrong direction on more than one occasion, so where the twain meet there is an ugly split in the (particle)board.  The only reason it’s lasted this long is because that’s the place the printer calls home, but the printer will soon reside on top of the lateral file.  There.  Problem solved.

Next I need to purchase a dress form.  My mom has one but I haven’t seen her use it much, and I never even thought of buying one for myself…until this past week.  I’ve been a member of an online sewing forum for the past few years but lately I’ve begun to really get more out of the group.  I’ve decided to make myself some casual clothes and have been checking out tips and suggestions by various members and experts.  One recurring theme was the importance of having an accurate fit for patterns and how many times you should try on a garment prior to completion.  One repetitive thread in the conversation was that with a proper dress form you could get a better view of your project’s progress and how the garment would “hang” on your particular body.  When I did a Google search I found that the size dress form I need comes in purple.  Purple?  No kidding?  Purple is my favorite color!!!!!!  Too freaking fastastic!!!!!!!  Except they’re sold out and have to reorder them in my size.  Desolation…….. <sigh>

Also, tomorrow is grooming day.  Not for me unfortunately, but for the Chihuahuas.  Several trips involved to get 4 Chis beautified.  I’ll take 3 of them at 12:30, drop one to be bathed, trimmed, nails painted, etc., get the other 2’s nails clipped then take them home.  Will probably take them to Sonic for ice cream or tater tots first.  Then about 4:00 I’ll take the other Chi to get her nails trimmed and pick up the groomed one.  This, of course, will involve a second trip to Sonic because I can’t be partial with the “kids” because it might affect their self-esteem and/or their place in the pack.  I told Ronnie he has to do the big dogs’ nails but if he flashes those big baby blues I’ll cave and take them, too.  <sigh>

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