Before, After in The Office

Step 3 completed.  Bought lateral file, removed L-return; now the next step, putting the files in with some semblance of order; that is on today’s game plan.  First we’re going to eat Tex-Mex with family so it’ll have to be much later today.  I also got my serger out of the shop, put back together and threaded.  So when I get all those damned files out of there I can sew again.  Last night I shredded two garbage sacks of old paperwork.  I’ve probably got about that much more I haven’t even sorted yet so it will be a chore yet to come.  BUT…it’s getting noticeably better already.  Can’t wait for the after pictures of the sewing room..  Yay, me!!!!!!!

9 Hours Later:

Tex-Mex was good; guys have gone fishing so the dogs and I have the house to ourselves.  All the Mother’s Day gift certificates are in the emails and I only have one blanket to make and I’m done for another year.  I managed to get ALL the files out of the file boxes and filled the free-standing shredder three more times.  I still have to go through some of these existing files and clean them out, and I have to label all the ones that have none.  All I’m left with is a small stack of memorabilia that has to be put with the existing keepsakes and all the extra stuff is gone.  I knew it was going to be time-consuming but it was a back-breaker!  My neck hurts and I’m too tired to do much else tonight.  I vacuumed when I finished with the files, then changed the water in the fish tank; I really need to do laundry but all the paper-trash is in bags in front of the washer and dryer—and I’m too tired to move it all.

The people next door are having a party for a 1-year-old.  They started at noon and are still going at 10 P.M.  I can’t even let the dogs out in their own yard because the kids are driving them crazy.  I just took them out to potty and put the big ones in their crates for the night.  The 5 littles are in here in the office with me.  They’re worn out, too.  I wanted to sew tonight but I have to wash the fabric and can’t so I think I’ll just try to chill for a while (if I can—too much nervous energy), maybe I’ll pour a glass of wine and kick back with Facebook.

Well, I won’t pour a glass of wine because I’ve only got a half glass.  Wah!  It’ll have to be enough unless I want to steal some of Ronnie’s stash (there’s an idea!  LOL).  I’m outta here!

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