Need a Place to Vent

…..and this is not it!  Instead of calming down I think I just keep adding people to my list!  Is it a full moon or something?  I was hoping when I finally got a day off (you know, one of those where you sleep at night?) everything would be better, calmer, more organized and peaceful.  And now that I’m home from the doctor (bitch!!!) and have my housecleaning started (and at least looking decent) and the laundry going, I do at least feel a little better.  Chill, Cheri, ommmmmmm!

Work has been crazy (no days off, lots of issues with instruments and weather, bosses suck, you know–the usual) and I’ve had a million appointments to move every time they force me to work my days off.  I am so ready for retirement!  A few more months and that particular stressor will disappear.

The dogs are doing great, all getting along well for the most part if we could put Mimi in a straight-jacket.  That girl gets more excitable all the time.  She finally bit Maximus the other day while I was at work.  Ronnie intervened or our Miss Mimi might have gotten her head snapped off.  She’s about aggravated him as much as he can handle.  We just try to keep them apart and hope for the best.  We need to get our trainers to the house so they can evaluate the situation but we can’t even get us at the house at the same time much less fit in the trainers’ schedules.  I just hope the gods are with Miss M.

Another stressor is that I haven’t gotten to sew.  All I can do is read about it, look at pictures and dream while I do something else.  My fabric and machines sit in there gathering dust.  There are classes I’d like to take, things I’d like to learn and beautiful things I’d like to create.  But I had an appointment today then came home to clean.  By the time I get our laundry and the dogs’ laundry finished it’ll be bedtime and I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow to work around, then Thursday Maximus goes to the doctor.  Maybe I will get some time to go cut out my pillow cases in the next 2 days.  That would make me feel better.  I bought a new Coverpro machine that I haven’t gotten to use yet either.  I realized that since I’m going to retire soon I won’t be able to afford the Quattro machine I want ($6000) so I bought the Coverpro instead and will wait for a new embroidery machine until the boat is paid for.  (damned boat!!!!!)  Here I go again!  DAMNED BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLLLLLLLLLL

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