Please Take Me Home………Or Not!

My baby is ready to roll!  I just don’t know if we’re ready to part with him.  However, we did make the above flyer and I have it posted everywhere I could think to put it and have shared it with everyone on Facebook.  We talked about it tonight and agreed that if he finds a good home that’s fine, but if he doesn’t that’s fine, too.  We do have a couple that NEED homes both for their sakes and for my sanity.

We had 11 dogs in this house for about 2 weeks.  Picture this: 1000 square feet of living space (subtract the sewing room and the garage), 2 human adults and 11 dogs from 4 pounds to 81 pounds.  Each of those air-breathers has his or her own opinions, schedules, tastes in food, tolerance for others, fears, hopes and dreams, stress levels and digestion.  Mix together and gel for 14 days without a break.  I was ready to scream and all the dogs beat me to that point.  The only one who I didn’t hear scream was Ronnie and he just held his head and muttered under his breath a lot.  He also would mysteriously disappear from home for multiple hours and told me he was really at work.  Hmmmmm, I wonder.

It’s 1 A.M…..again

Here I sit once more working on computers……..not mine, 2 laptops for friends.  It’s been one of those weeks where I start looking to see if it’s a full moon.  Today we lost our first foster dog.   He was 10 years old, had a broken pelvis, high heartworm positive and an intestinal blockage, low red blood cells, high white cells….it was stacked against him.  Our wonderful veterinarian did surgery on his intestinal blockage after spending about 3 weeks building up his system in order for him to survive the surgery.  He made it through from Friday until today but was just too weak and too sick to carry on any longer.  We miss you, Thomas the Chihuahua!!!!!!

On a good note, we have saved two more little Chihuahuas from euthanization and I have to concentrate on that instead of losing our senior Chi.  Zoe, AKA Dottie, and Gino are still with us, fully vetted, spayed and neutered, micro-chipped and in foster homes.  We think Zoe has found a home already, waiting for all the paperwork to be processed.  Gino is here with us right now because his prospective foster mommy is on vacation.  He’s having some tummy issues that we’re working on and trying to fatten him up, then he’ll be ready to find his furever home, too.

I’m really tired and think bedtime is in the picture for me.  I just wanted to come and post about Thomas.  Rest in peace, little buddy.  You were loved and will be missed.

Update 7/30/12: Zoe has been adopted into a wonderful, loving home!  So happy for her.  We have Gino with us until he’s ready for adoption.