Please Take Me Home………Or Not!

My baby is ready to roll!  I just don’t know if we’re ready to part with him.  However, we did make the above flyer and I have it posted everywhere I could think to put it and have shared it with everyone on Facebook.  We talked about it tonight and agreed that if he finds a good home that’s fine, but if he doesn’t that’s fine, too.  We do have a couple that NEED homes both for their sakes and for my sanity.

We had 11 dogs in this house for about 2 weeks.  Picture this: 1000 square feet of living space (subtract the sewing room and the garage), 2 human adults and 11 dogs from 4 pounds to 81 pounds.  Each of those air-breathers has his or her own opinions, schedules, tastes in food, tolerance for others, fears, hopes and dreams, stress levels and digestion.  Mix together and gel for 14 days without a break.  I was ready to scream and all the dogs beat me to that point.  The only one who I didn’t hear scream was Ronnie and he just held his head and muttered under his breath a lot.  He also would mysteriously disappear from home for multiple hours and told me he was really at work.  Hmmmmm, I wonder.

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