A Night at the Opera

A night at the movies, home movies that is.  Gino, Dusty and mom enjoying some time snuggling and kicking back on the loveseat.  Not really opera; just Netflix while snuggling my little boys.  Yes, MY little boys.  We decided we couldn’t give Gino up after all.  So he’s a Lindsey now.  The last of the Lindseys.  We’re full now and holding.  Gotta get my retirement done before I’ll have any time to throw away for a while.  We’ll just be content to babysit here and there for other people’s pooches and spend some quality time with our own.
Maximus is still enjoying his treadmill (when Ronnie has a chance to put him on it—that chore seems to have gravitated to Ronnie’s realm of responsibility) and is doing well, happy and peaceful.  He loves playing with Gino and is so good with him.  He will just let Gino chew on him and jump on him to his heart’s content.  I don’t know who’s having more fun with those two.  Bandit plays with all the dogs.  He’s everyone’s big brother.  Fancypants is the senior who can take or leave the rest of the pack.  She prefers to be left alone even if that sometimes means under the bed by herself.  The other dogs will leave her alone so it seems to work.  And if we miss her we know right where to look.  Mimi still bites and barks way too much, but since we have less animals here and she’s getting more one-on-one time she seems to be a happier camper.  Gypsy will soon be 4 years old and, much like her mother, she rules the roost HER way and tells the big dogs exactly what she wants and doesn’t want.  She’s still Ronnie’s arm-candy even when I dress her in ruffles.  Dusty is still my baby and has been enduring a bout of jealousy since Gino, Buffy and my 3 grand-dogs came into our home.  He’s so glad to lose 4 of them and is waiting (not too patiently) for Gino to pack his suitcase, too.  Gino, on the other hand, is in no hurry to leave and since he first set foot here, he’s the ball of fire that keeps the whole house rocking.

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