A Few Steps Closer to Retirement

I’ve been working myself toward retirement for the past few years until I finally have it down to less than 4 months.  I’m paying off my financial committments because I don’t want to be in a financial pinch any time in the next 20 years or so.  Loans paid off, car paid off, house paid off, dogs almost paid off (LOL); Ronnie has to pay off his own before he can think about retirement.  I still owe $300 on my new Coverpro machine.  I have my Paypal account and my Bill Me Later accounts that I will pay down to a minimum but will never completely lose them as long as I still have my life.  We only have one credit card and that is with Sears for a refrigerator (that Ronnie loves) and a treadmill (that Maximus loves) and hopefully will be paid off by the time I retire.  We’re doing really well in knocking out these responsibilities.  I can now see it coming together for the first time.  I’ve stressed and worried over this decision for years and now that it’s here, it’s an anticlimax.  It’s all over but the shouting!  YeeeeeeHawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note it seems like the dogs are getting ready for retirement, too.  As I have calmed down lately so have they.  It is quieter in here, everyone gets along better, even Gino eats on a schedule now.  Who’d a thought three weeks ago that peace could reign in this house?  We very definitely need to give our pack a break.  We’ve put them through a lot over time with the fosters and the dogs we’ve baby-sat for, because even though we knew it was temporary they didn’t.  They had to give up their space, their attention, their affection, peace, fun, etc. in order to humor us.  And they handled it well for what they went through.  But it’s over now, guys.  We’re holding now.  We’re chilling out and taking some time for ourselves.  Now it’s our turn, your turn, my turn.

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  1. lalasharni
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 10:00:14

    Go for it girl! Its been a long time a-comin’!!


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