Winding Down

It’s 1 A.M. and I’m way past my bedtime.  Dusty is asleep in my lap and Mimi is laying across my shoulders licking my right arm while she farts—audibly.  I have no idea why for either, but she obviously loves me and is comfortable in my presence no matter what is happening in her system.  I love that about dogs.  Thankfully there’s no aroma to abide.

There’s good news afoot; I don’t know where to start, but our company has finally been sold after being on the market for quite some time.  I don’t think that will have any effect on my situation since I’m retiring this year, but it’s still good news for someone, a lot of someones.

And Jolie’s situation has improved.  After completing another prednisone trial and changing all her medications I took her back to the vet for a recheck.  Happily we were told that she does not have congestive heart failure which is a wonderful thing, but she does have some damage to her lungs and still has problems with a cough.  She was doing so well that we stopped her nebulizer treatments to see whether they were helping or if we were just spinning our wheels with that treatment.  Unfortunately it was doing more than we assumed so her coughing has been worse the past few days.  We have, of course, resumed her breathing treatments and increased their frequency.  The cough is still bad but I think it’s coming back under control somewhat.  A funny (and sometimes not so funny) byproduct of all this attention is that Jolie is getting spoiled—and sometimes acts bratty around the other dogs.  She now expects to sit in our lap, no sharing with any other members of the pack.  She growls at the other dogs and attacks them if they’re in her way—not good.  She hasn’t lost an ounce and we’ve had to put her on low cal/low fat Science Diet to try to get some of the weight off her so it will tax her lungs less.  So it’s made feeding the other dogs a trial for us and them.  She will eat their food and will try to get their food out of their crates so she can eat it.  She is being fed twice per day, not being starved in any way, shape or manner.  She’s just used to dining to her heart’s content and doesn’t like the new plan and I don’t blame her; I’ve dieted most of my life and I’m still overweight.  I hate feeling like I’m being starved even when I’m not, so I know exactly how she feels.  We can’t increase her exercise because it taxes her lungs and makes her cough.  Ups the ante on Jolie’s challenges but we’re not giving up or backing down.  We love her even if she is becoming a little stinker.

The appointment I had with the financial planner for October 10th had to be rescheduled for the 17th due to the death of his grandmother on Saturday so I’m still stressing some over my retirement plan.  I hope I’m headed in the right direction or I will be headed for a rude awakening at the end of November.  Crossing my fingers and paying off everything I can in preparation.  Only Ronnie’s truck remains and that comes out of his check since he has wrecked 2 brand-new trucks in the last 3 years.  The truck payment is Ronnie’s job.

Got the cable TV installed again and that has removed one stressor from my life.  I never knew it bothered me.  Who knew?  And we joined the local gym that I wanted to join.  I told Ronnie that if he didn’t agree to join LA Fitness I would lay down on the floor and throw a temper tantrum like a 4-year-old.  He just said, “wait till I put my cameraphone on “movie” first”.  I’d have slapped him if I didn’t love him so much.  But, I got my way—-again.  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!  Should I start keeping score?  Nah, I’d probably be depressed if I learned he was winning and I was just too stupid to realize it.  Ignorance is indeed bliss sometimes.  And I’ve rescheduled the December vacation I had planned so I can take most of it before I retire in November.  The way it’s worked is that I’ll be off most of the month of October then work most of the month of November, then retire.  The end.  Kaput!  Then I’d have to be paid for the vacation that I’ve earned all this year for next year (6 whole weeks of vacation for my 30th year).  It’ll all work out….I just know it will eventually but since the Ambien has taken over my brain again.  The vacation will have to be worried about later on.  Good night, All.  I’m the only one still awake in our household; who the hell am I talking to?

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