Closer Yet

Tomorrow is the day that I sign my working life away.  I will sign my papers at Fidelity which allow me to retire early after 29 years.  And I’ve decided that I’m ready to go now, by the end of this month. Should I work a couple more weeks it would only allow a few more bucks; it wouldn’t affect the pension amount in the long term.  They’ll just have to pay me for the vacation I have yet to take.  A coworker of mine has already cleaned out my two lockers on the unit.  All the FRC has been returned.  So, Fidelity tomorrow, then Benefits, then exit interview with HR.  All over except the shouting.

There have been rumors flying at the plant lately that the Amoco Heritage retirees have to be out by November 1st.  I called Fidelity on it yesterday but they denied that that was indeed a fact.  They’re going to check into it  and let me know what they find out.  Told me to go ahead and make my plans and I could always change them if they found something that would indeed affect me, but I think it doesn’t matter one way or another.  I’m done.  I’m ready to go; BP can have my job; give me my pension; I’m done.

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