Congratulations, Cheri

I never have to work another weekend or another graveyard shift or any other shift.  Today was my last day of work, at least work for pay; I can still volunteer (after I get a much-needed vacation, of course).I was surprised that my co-workers were so enthused about my retirement.  On Friday there was a surprise cake, ice cream and visit by my management.  Today they cooked breakfast tacos then delivered coney islands for lunch with a gift from one girl of cupcakes to bring home to share with Ronnie.  I guess I never felt very important out there but I sure found out how much my co-workers cared the past few days.  I’m impressed, happy, pleased, surprised, elated and very, very touched by the send-off.  Wow!  It’s so nice to know how much they care.  I don’t think anyone ever really knows this stuff until it’s over and that’s too bad that it happens that way all too often.

Ronnie took me to Lowe’s to buy me a lawn chair to use on the patio so I can sit out there and watch the dogs play, read my books and enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having of late.  Simple things mean so much.  I’m so happy Ronnie and I agree on that; it makes life so much more peaceful.

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  1. lalasharni
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 09:00:46

    Well my beloved friend, you did it at last!
    Its great to know that your co-workers thought so much of you, and I guess we never really know what we’re thought of until the biggies happen in our lives and like you were, we’re sometimes pleasantly surprised.


  2. lalasharni
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 09:03:01

    I’m so pleased that you’re out of the ratrace and can now enjoy yourself – its been a long long time coming! I love my retirement and never feel at a loose end with nothing to do. It’s strictly ME time from now on and I wish you many many happy years of semi-leisure, because I know you, and you’ll be working just as hard, but on things you really WANT to do.
    Welcome to our world – have fun – love you lots and miss you more.


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