Vacation’s Over…

…now the living begins.

When I left work last Sunday all I could see was this list of things I had to do, and that’s how I’ve lived for most of my life.  There’s always been a never-ending cacaphony of chores, errands, jobs, and responsibilities.  From where I sit today that list is almost done, so now what?  Monday I go to work and check out.  The rest of the week I have a couple doctor’s follow-up appointments and my housekeeper comes on Tuesday.  The remainder of the week is free to shape as I please.  Figuring out what I please is the next big thing in my life, the next step, and I’m trying to learn not to push myself too hard, to let things happen the way they will.  I think all my lists and planning will have to change in this phase of life…or I may have well just kept on working.

It’s been an eventful week.  Jolie was terribly ill last weekend and I was afraid that she wouldn’t make it through the night last Sunday.  I sat with her until 3 A.M. before I was sure she’d keep breathing if I slept awhile.  The vet gave her a shot of cortisone on Monday and that eased her breathing tremendously.  On Tuesday we started another trial of Prednisone and she’s visibly better now.

I had a whole week of appointments and errands, trying to take advantage of still having 2 insurance plans, making phone calls to ensure everything is switched over on the business side of things.  I’ve spent more time on the phone this week than I have in previous months.  The cable even went out Thursday and I spent a half hour on the phone for one call!  And I still have to get the life insurance switched over.  There are a lot of details to this retirement thing, especially when you add it to the living thing.  But I also planned some good things into this week, like a hair appointment (cut, color and highlight), pedi and waxing, and a little indulgent shopping at Palais Royal (they had a SALE!).

I’ve been pleased at my energy level this week but feel that I was simply running on stress for fuel and yesterday was the day I crashed.  I took Fancy for a ride to Petco and to Sonic for popcorn chicken and tots.  She loves to go in the car and hasn’t gotten too much personal time lately so it was just her day, one we both enjoyed.  But when I got home somebody pulled the rug out from under me and I slept sitting up on the loveseat.  I just couldn’t make myself get up and do anything.  At first I wondered what was wrong with me: why am I so tired all of a sudden?  Then I realized that I had simply run myself ragged all week and my body and brain needed a break.  So I just sat around under dogs’ butts, snuggled whoever was available and snoozed.  Around 9 P.M. I got a surge of energy and cleaned the kitchen.  I went to bed earlier and woke at 7 A.M.—-totally out of character for me when I don’t have to get up for anything in particular.  Today I’ve decided to do some things for myself that I’ve been putting off, enjoyed a pot of coffee and toast with Ronnie (who has the whole weekend off—Yay!), and still sit here in my nightgown.  We got a cold front in yesterday so all our 4-legged children are enjoying the new air.  I’m going to try to do the same.

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