And Now…

I am retired.  The entire exit interview lasted about 5 minutes.  I turned in my badge and car pass on my way out of the gate.  It was anticlimactic.  The HR guy was friendly and open, appreciative of my time spent with the company and pleasant to be with.  I really expected to be grilled more since the exit survey I filled out a week ago was so detailed, but then it was a general survey for anyone terminating their employment, not just for retirees.  A lot of it just didn’t pertain to me at all but I still expected to be asked a few leading questions that never happened.  Cool!  Do I feel different now?  Yes.  I feel more relaxed and optimistic.  Good.

I had a busy day today for the first day of retirement.  A lot of errands, groceries, shopping, then housework and laundry.  My sweet housekeeper comes tomorrow but I wouldn’t ask her to clean up all that was left around here out of neglect.  I did a bit of vacuuming and cleaning off of flat surfaces.  Tomorrow I’ll pull up the rugs and the remaining dog blankets and get them in the washer before she arrives.  It’s the least I can do for all she does for us.  We love her!

I have an early morning visit to the dentist/orthodontist tomorrow.  He’s going to remove my permanent bottom retainer and give me different ones (well, he’s not “giving” them to me; they’ll be $350).  I’ll be glad to see this one go; it’s a devil to floss with this sucker in the way.  Then, Jennifer comes to clean, and I’ll wait for FedEx to deliver my new iPhone and go from there.  We ordered the iPhone 5 on September 27th and it’s just now arriving.  I’ll get it and Ronnie will get my 4S.  He hates his Samsung and I don’t blame him; I hated mine, too; but then I’m just not an Android fan either.  I’ll be glad to be able to carry on a conversation with my husband that doesn’t get cut off mid-stream.  And he’ll be glad to get an iPhone again.  He liked the last one; pity he can’t keep up with them because they’re expensive to replace.

Wednesday is an open day and I hope I can get started on my sewing again but it’ll more than likely be spent doing business and making phone calls.  Thursday I have doctor’s visits and phone calls and then no formal plans for a couple of weeks.  I’m pricing airplane tickets to go see my family in Oklahoma in their new home.  I sure miss them.  We’ve all been so busy lately that we’ve hardly spoken.  I’ve got to remedy that.  And I’ve got to load Skype on this new laptop so we can see each other again soon.

I’m happy that I’m becoming more of a day person lately, but that means that I’m soon going to fall flat on my face if I don’t take myself to bed.  Good night, All.  We’ve got it covered from here on out….don’t sweat the small stuff…

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