Halloweenie Day

Ronnie as Fu Manchu and Mimi as a lizard…..Mimi thought the whole thing was hillarious…..Dusty as a lion, a sweet one….Gypsy was a ladybug….Fancy was a bumblebee

And the last day of October 2012.  This is the last day of my insurance from my previous employment and the day before the paperwork at my financial institution says I’m retired.  And here I sit in my nightgown trying to find some energy to get out the dogs’ Halloween costumes.  Candy is bought, dogs are medicated and fed…and back to sleep just like human babies would be.  It’s cool in the house so they’re all snuggled up together (2 little ones in my lap, 2 on a blanket at my feet) and scattered throughout the house.  I’m still only letting Maximus and Bandit out one at a time, but they don’t care.  The only one awake is Bandit staring out the front window in our home office.  I don’t know what he’s watching but he’s in full-alert mode.  Today is not trash day, the school bus has long-since run and it’s not time for the mail lady to come by.  There shouldn’t be anything to look at, but then he’s a dog so he sees and hears things I don’t.

We got the new iPhone last night and got them switched out.  Went to Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar (http://www.littledaddysgumbobar.com/) for dinner.  They have good gumbo, the only one comparable to what I make and we always enjoy it.  It’s just a little hole-in-the-wall place but there’s always a crowd.  Today I’m making burritos at home but have to make a trip to the store first.  I was really tired yesterday and had been getting up fairly early (for a retired person) so decided to sleep in this morning and just have a peaceful day.  Tomorrow will be busier and probably more emotional so I’m going to try to enjoy just being alive today.  I’ll post later and add some pics.

Update: the day went well, a little stressful because I had so much to do to get ready for Halloween night and so little time to do it all, but I made it and we all had a wonderful evening together.  We had a million kids to dole out candy to, saw some really neat and imaginative costumes, and took a bunch of pictures of the dogs in various costumes.  Not one bit us either, though Jolie did growl and made me believe she was going to take off a finger or two before I got her dressed. Dinner (homemade burritos) was good (Ronnie had seconds!) and we had candy left over (by design: we turned out the porch light).  For two old folks we truly enjoy Halloween the most of any other holiday of the year.  In the past I wasn’t always off for it but now I’ll be able to plan for it, maybe even work on new costumes for next year for both of us and the big dogs.  We kept Maximus and Bandit crated the whole time and they hated it.  They wanted out to see what was going on outside and what all the noise and smells were but we kept them safe from the kids and the kids safe from them.  It was a shame that they didn’t have costumes to have their pictures made wearing.  I may go to Petco tomorrow and see what they have on sale in their sizes.  Otherwise I’ll just make sure I buy for them next year.  We have plenty of costumes for the Chihuahuas but have never bought any for the big boys.  I’ll see what I can come up with for them next.

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