I’m not quite sure what just happened at the podiatrist.  I think he was mad because I got better while not doing what he wanted me to do.  He said it was obvious I was better at it than him so he dismissed me.  What a guy!  So next time my foot hurts I’ll be sure to NOT go back to this office.  First they couldn’t find my file after I’d been to that office 3 times and twice to the old office.  Then he found out I wasn’t using the arch supports he’d prescribed and was using ones I bought at Walgreen’s.  What pissed him off I think was that I am better in spite of him. One minute he was showing me the exercise he wanted me to do, the next he discovered I wasn’t using the arch supports.  After a short discussion he made the remark about it being obvious I was better at it than him and he dismissed me.  So there!

Ronnie’s mom took a turn for the worse today.  I just spoke with him and the family has been notified that she’s not doing well, her heart stopped today and they don’t know if there is permanent damage or if she’ll regain consciousness.  Thankfully she was already at the hospital, but she was having other issues before this, so it doesn’t sound good right now.

I know it’s not a full moon today but it sure feels like it!  My youngest grandson found out today he’ll have to have surgery next week.  What will happen next?

Thankfully it is quiet here at home.  Most of the dogs are asleep right now.  Bandit is keeping vigil at the front window just like he did yesterday afternoon.  Maximus is back in his crate for a nap.  Jolie, Dusty, Gypsy and Gino are here with me, all asleep.  I think Fancy is asleep in the window.  Who does that leave?  Mimi, who is probably asleep on the back of the couch; that’s her “place” this time of the day.  And here I sit updating my iPhone software and downloading my purchases from Itunes.  Not much “accomplished” today but it’s been a good day for me (minus the foot doctor’s crap) and it’s a lovely day outside with beautiful blue skies, white, fluffy clouds and cooler than summer temperatures (which is good for Texas).  I’m beginning to get used to this retirement thing.

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