Lazy Day

It’s almost 6 P.M. and I’m still in my nightgown; does that tell you anything?  I was tired when I woke up and it just didn’t get any better.  I took a short nap sitting upright on the loveseat while watching some stuff I had recorded on the DVR.  Ronnie called (from the hospital with his mom) to tell me he’ll be leaving to come home soon.  Since he was gone all day I didn’t have to cook, the house was already clean, I did the laundry yesterday, so what was there to do that was pressing today?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, too, so I’ve been vegging out all day.  I ate some Cheetos and a few pieces of Halloween candy; other than that it’s been Diet Coke all day while I sat under dogs’ butts on the loveseat.  Messed with the computer a bit and took care of the dogs but I’ve accomplished very little all day.  Does it matter?  No, not really….because I’m retired……….LOL

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