“Normal” (Whatever That Is)

I had a good day today, more “normal” than the past few.  I went to Texas City and picked up my new orthodontic retainers, did some sewing until I ran out of a few things and couldn’t go further.  Then I went to Joann’s for supplies, talked to a girl about some sewing classes and got a lead, came home (again) and did a million loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher and then vegged out in front of the TV until Ronnie got home from the hospital.  His mom is steadily going down hill; not expected to recover and just a matter of time left on this earth.  Sad.

I was only dog-bitten once today, only one new bloody hole in my arm, and caused from the smallest dog in the house.  Dusty (5 whole pounds) decided to bite a 20 pound dog, which decided to bite him back…in my lap.  Of course, I put my arm up between them to break up the fight, so when the 20 pounder bit back, guess what she bit…………yep, me.  Damnit!!!!!  That makes 16 bloody places on my left forearm.  Looks sick…..but normal…for us.  LOLLLLLLL

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