I Thought It Was A Good Idea

I thought I would make some blankets for the girls so it would give me a chance to use more of my sewing machines to get my “feet wet” again in the sewing room.  I really liked how they came out but underestimated their longevity.  I never thought Maximus would chew the embroidered places out of the blankets the same day that I made them…….but he did.  I’m glad I took photos because, other than my memory, they’re all that’s left.  Now there’s just gaping holes in them.  I wonder how old these big dogs will be when they stop eating things that I value.

Life has been better the past few days.  I’ve been getting up and dressed, getting out of the house, working on my sewing stuff and feeling normal again.  Yesterday we went to see the movie “Flight”, and it was great.  We may go see another one of our list today.  There were four of them I wanted to see: “Flight”, “Argo”, “Skyfall”, and “Cloud Atlas”.  “Alex Cross” would be good, too, but it’s not one I’m dying to see because I’ve read all the books.  We saw a preview yesterday that puts Tom Cruise in a movie of the Jack Reacher series.  Why do they put Tom Cruise in all the good character roles and ruin them forever for me?  Gah!!!!!!!!!  I like Tom Cruise okay but not in the roles I consider masculine and manly.  He sissifies them!!!!!!!!!

I have another blanket to finish but probably not today because I also have laundry to finish.  I bought some ultra soft, plush fabric to make myself a throw to wrap up in in my office when it’s chilly.  It feels really nice to cuddle the dogs in but I’ve hemmed it twice and the hem gets lost in the pile and makes it look unfinished/fuzzy.  So I bought some bias tape I’m going to bind it with and see how that looks.  With every task I learn something new.  Sometimes I learn that I just should have left it alone, and this may be one of those projects.  But I’ll never know until I try.

I signed up for an embroidery software class in December and am trying to find classes on the Janome Coverpro 1000 machine.  The only instructions I have (beside the thin booklet that came with it) are the YouTube videos so I asked at the place where I bought one of my other machines and got a lead for Janome lessons.  I just talked to them and they gave me the name of a woman in Friendswood who gives sewing lessons on Janome machines.  Yes!!!!!  I love to go to sewing lessons/classes.  I meet all kinds of really nice people just like myself who are trying to learn or who have started off at the same place I am.  I’ve never had a bad experience in dealing with “sewing” folks.  They’re generally nice and don’t have an agenda of their own.


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